Samsung's only female president, Li Fuzhen, can prop up the business empire?

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(ID:zhenghedao) Korean female richest man divorced. In July 20th, the Seoul family court ruled that Li Fuzhen and her husband as Youzai grassroots dissolution of marriage, Li Fuzhen won custody of the children, let Youzai get 8 billion 600 million won (about 51 million 760 thousand yuan) break fee. Get rid of slag male entangled Li Fuzhen, can finally feel at ease to go, presided over the overall situation of samsung.

"Li Jian Xi" Samsung became the only female president

Li Fuzhen was 21 years old when his father was with her experience, known as "little Li Jianxi" said. But in South Korea's heavily patriarchal property status, male female, big daughter little play the leading role in the business, Li Fuzhen failed to break the traditional. Li Jianxi passed the seat to Li Fuzhen's brother, Li Zairong, and gave her to the Shilla Hotel, the obscure business of the group. Li Fuzhen never complained, but it gave her a chance to show off. In

2001, Li Fuzhen began to operate the Shilla Hotel. She was resolute and decisive, and fired several old school administrators as soon as she came to power. Less than 15 years, she left the hotel sales from the time of the 430 billion 400 million won (about 2 billion 570 million yuan) in 2015 increased to 3 trillion and 250 billion won (about 19 billion 400 million yuan), an increase of more than 650%.

" since the start of business, Li Fuzhen has been to occupy Korea's richest woman, a net worth of $1 billion 930 million (about 13 billion yuan), Forbes was selected in 2015 100 women in the world's most influential. In the Forbes magazine, released on April 2015, "Asia's top 50 women in power" list, Li Yu list. According to the magazine, "Lee Chang, who leads the Shilla Hotel, plays a central role in the SamSung group."".

because it is a rich woman, want to make more efforts to rely on their own efforts, the higher the starting point, it is easy to inadvertently fall. And gentle appearance is different, Li Fuzhen quite decisive, the most adept at 42 pounds. She not only inherited her father's character, but also inherited her father's business acumen. The first LV duty-free shop in Korea was her writing.

she is Qinliqinwei, fly to Chinese contract;

of each airport duty-free shops in Xinluo, do not worry to a personal check;

"base" for the group of farmhouse award. South Korean business

is dominant in men, Li Fuzhen abruptly spell out a "pink Avenue", where is the dazzling star. After ten years of hard

", she became a Samsung only one position after the female president, brother Li Zairong, and even a lot of people say that Li Fuzhen is more suitable to inherit the Li Jianxi position.

" in the family, Li Fuzhen is not that a good hand, not to the best business, no more strength in the marriage and the other half is the difference, playing the best one.

true princess of the false fairy tale,

although it was a child from a doting miss, but Li Fuzhen did not miss big temper, the heart is also very kind. After graduating from the prestigious Yonsei University in South Korea, she worked hard at her father's side and went to volunteer school for disabled children in her spare time. Li Jianxi did not trust her daughter's safety, so she was assigned a security guard. But he never thought, this is called Ren Youzai's security, has become a day after his son-in-law. Let Youzai

parents run the store, Samsung is a member of the security team, not tall, not handsome. May have been used to contact the high rich handsome, wealthy Li Fuzhen but by his false display of affection, "out of the ordinary" to attract.

like Samsung chaebol family, marriage can not be themselves, between the chaebol combination is the hard truth: Li Jianxi married was president of South Korea's largest newspaper "Central Daily" the daughter of Hong Lianji Li Zai Luo Hong Xi; Rong's ex-wife is the food industry group president Lin Shiling the elephant fame daughter; Li Fuzhen's sister Li Xuxian married. The former president of Asian daily married son Kim Zailie … … by this way, not only Li Jianxi away, also asked the children to practice. But the stubborn Li Fuzhen firmly opposed to parents arranged marriage, whether parents talk about 4 years after the love, she agreed to let Youzai. In

1999 years, both parents are not optimistic about the country, people feel unbelievable circumstances, Li Fuzhen married Ren Youzai, live staged a modern fairy tale the princess and the pauper.

Li Jianxi full in her daughter's wedding on the black face, like the two family portrait is in line with the wedding process.

, wedding, in addition to two new people, the other families are unable to squeeze a smiling face.

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