Storm: a musical apprentice life and death predicament

LETV VR a sports.

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is not optimistic about the storm, but it seems very difficult not to love Feng Xin, Wen Qing two words are not enough to describe Feng Xin, his view, attitude and publicity, to the entrepreneurs.

storm today's predicament, the external force seems to be greater than the internal cause, A shares listed and VR tuyere, storm was chased by the capital, but the wind stopped, the storm to find what position is not falling down.


LETV draw the focus of "ecology", "the storm"; the music television, doing sports, do the same as pictures, storm. The storm will repeat the tragedy of Feng Xin LETV?

may never be a careerist. At that time, A-share market A strange market environment, is the fate of Feng Xin hard to plug into a piece of honey.

and LETV, storm after the business expansion period, quickly opened a large-scale capital operation. But the parody showed off on the first stage.

if the television business has some performance boost to other business storm "DT entertainment" strategy, it is quite weak. Wang Wei, founder of

potatoes, once said, "I am a petty bourgeois, and Feng Xincai is a petty bourgeois.".

Feng Xin seems to like the idea, even after years of forgetting to retell it. Keep the buzz this middle-aged man, almost all have the characteristics of youth culture, love rock, love Zen and meditation, love Sutter and Camus.

people often say, temperament and temperament is closely related to the company founder, such as Jia Yueting and his music as reflected on the most incisive; but in Feng Xin at the helm of the storm, but there is a contradiction.

storm is "C", if live moisture, but after the listing, people see a different temperament and Feng Xin storm: listed since March 24, 2015, the share price from 7.14 yuan, even pull 29 trading days, less than 3 months the stock price soared to 307.56 yuan after mad; the storm, around the fields of VR, TV, film and Television launched a radical layout, Sturm und Drang, becoming the A stock market is the most dazzling a dark horse.

people familiar with Feng Xin say that Feng Xin is a low profile person. But in 2015, when the storm was red, Feng Xin and his storm were not low-key.

two months after the listing, when the limelight no two Feng Xin in their own company opened a conference. The time in a hurry, not a big conference room layout simple, no fancy PPT, no is full of excitement. wording, not how high Feng Xin so lost in the crowd, the first time out of the "DT entertainment" strategy, the diversification of the "concept", and the time for having heard it many times. "Eco" has a striking resemblance; a high-profile and radical LETV, behoove is regarded as the reference object of public opinion storm.

has been out of control since then. As a "eco" storm "federal"; music television, doing sports, do the same as pictures, storm.

however, after becoming "music apprentice", the storm itself is becoming increasingly blurred. But in any case, the situation created by the storm, so the Feng Xin trader, in disorderly fashion become a "small music"; if the continuation of the momentum, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge storm will become the "BAT" prophecy, may indeed be realized.

but a series of great changes followed, and Feng Xin's script was rewritten. A stock market fell from a frenzy, and music and storm Internet Co valuation myth also dashed.

as of press time, over the past two years, the pride of the stock price has dropped to 20.20 yuan, compared with the highest point, the market value of up to 81.83% decline; financial performance, storm in 2016 ushered in earnings in the market since the first loss for the year, net loss amounted to 241 million yuan. "Storm music teacher", had already caught in the capital chain rupture and collapse of the ecological quagmire, unable to extricate themselves.

storm will repeat the music as a tragedy?

countless occasional pile of the beginning,

Feng Xin may never be an ambitious home. In

2005, Feng Xin left YAHOO to build the storm; in 2006, he built the VIE architecture and introduced an investment of $IDG. At this point, the storm is the goal of listing in the United states.

, but by 2009, the storm's business conditions are no longer ideal, to get Jingwei China and IDG's C round of financing, Feng Xin has almost removed the idea of listing in the United states. Second years, Feng Xin began to dismantle VIE, and then from the domestic listing of red explosion situation, this move is prescient.

however, in an interview with Feng Xin I horse, but frankly, this is a lucky hit". Feng Xin did not think so much, just to see the Huayi Brothers in 2009 the domestic market was a great brand effect, then move the domestic market idea; by 2011, Feng Xin has declared that the storm will come into the market.

, but a bad "accident" immediately fell on his head. The second half of 2011 to 2013, A shares IPO stop approving the storm just stuck in the middle market.

until March 2015, the storm's survival could only be described as subsistence. That time, in order to meet the requirements of listing three years of profit, the storm from the video site copyright war, although reducing copyright spending, but also away from the mainstream

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Storm: a musical apprentice life and death predicament


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