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66 years old Wang Yangguo lived in Shanghai all year round, 4 years ago in Wenjiang Hengda city bought a property, for vacation living. Yuan Shimin, 26, is an insurance sales executive based in Wenjiang. Two strangers, because of a lost wallet events in July 30th, met. Yuan Shimin, who tried to return the wallet, was identified by Wang Yangguo as his dry daughter. But the thing is not finished, to understand current dry daughter together with the people in Wenjiang flat-share room, Wang Yangguo proposed "send her a house," my house is a three bedroom, she was a little girl to work is not easy, I want to let her out of the house permanent free living. "Last night, Wang Yangguo told the Chengdu evening news reporter that he had made an appointment with Yuan Shimin to transfer the house key, but the girl politely refused Wang Yangguo's offer.


owner at home in the door "surprise"

Wang Yangguo living in Shanghai, four years ago with friends travel to Chengdu Wenjiang, then moved to buy a house, "think of Wenjiang environment, work spare time can be flown from Shanghai to a vacation is a one-time payment of about 500000 yuan to buy a house here. Wang Yangguo said, more than 10 days ago, he came to Wenjiang from Shanghai alone, ready to have a good rest here for a few days. 3

7 30 afternoon, Wang Yangguo went for a walk at a distance of 1 kilometers outside the home Yonghui supermarket, Carrefour supermarket and Guanghua Park wandering around in a circle, back to the home downstairs at night 9 points, "this time I found the lost wallet. "Wang Yangguo told the Chengdu evening news reporter that there were identification cards, bank cards, some important notes and more than two hundred yuan in cash. He hurried along the walking path looking for it, but failed all the time and had to go home.

, however, did not enter the house, he found a note on the door, saying: "I found your home owner in Carrefour's identity card and card wallet and owners, no one see to your home, please call me. "Wang Yangguo said," this is simply a "surprise", he hurriedly according to the note on the contact way, dial the other party telephone.

warm fermentation

owner and recognition of dry daughter, and "send" room

, confirmed by telephone communication, Wang Yangguo arrived at the supermarket door, from Yuan Shimin hands took the wallet. In order to express his gratitude, Wang Yangguo immediately asked for a meal and gave cash reward, all declined. But it didn't end there.

"someone else helped me, but what I said is not too much. "Wang Yangguo wasn't able to say thank you very sorry to each other. What should I do? A friend, "you recognize her as a dry daughter" joke, Wang Yangguo on the heart. After talking to his wife and two daughters in Shanghai, Wang Yangguo made a special trip to Yuan Shimin in August 1st to identify her as a dry daughter. This meeting, Wang Yangguo learned that Yuan Shimin has also shared a house with friends outside, he decided to come up with their own 92 square meters of houses in Wenjiang for their permanent free living.

"I live in Shanghai all year round. I only come to Wenjiang one or two times a year. The house is empty and empty.". "Wang Yangguo wants to reduce some financial burden for the kind girl who works alone. But for Wang Yangguo, the two or three time "send" this house, Yuan Shimin is not good to refuse, but I really feel embarrassed, in her opinion it picked up the wallet, it is not what the big deal ". Last night, Yuan Shimin declined Wang Yangguo, "thank you very much, but I can't charge the house and the house key.". "

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