What does it mean to expose "out of the way, the king's life?"

Expose what is going to happen where the king's life comes from and where it comes from

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"will be in the outside, you have not affected by life" love military people should know this sentence, but this sentence practice it a bit difficult, think of Yue Fei Yue Zhuxian Town marshal, in the army to recover lost territory results done in one vigorous effort, the Song Dynasty emperor Zhao Gou twelve gold medals, Yue Fei ordered the withdrawal of this expedition work not completed, see here, estimated that many people will think of this sentence, but Yue Fei still withdraw, we can only give the dog the emperor Zhao Gou, Yue Fei deplored the "loyalty", people can not understand is it? It is because from the outset we understand, here to tell you this sentence from which the allusions, the specific meaning is what is clear.


has a "Wenjingzhizhi" in the Western Han Dynasty, during which a person plays an important role, he is Zhou Yafu, you remember his "xiliuying"? Once the Han Emperor himself to console the army, first is to bully and spines door, driving into the barracks in the RIHAN emperor, general the following officers on horseback and his face into send out, then to "xiliuying", all this in the camp of soldiers with sharp sword, stick, bow, bow, to combat readiness. Wendy pilot drove under the door, no entry. The pilot said: "the emperor is coming!" the guard door Wei said: "the general order of the Army General Command: just listen to, listen to the emperor's edict." In history, the so-called "will be outside, the king's life does not suffer" from here. The results of


is of course the Han Emperor heavily rewarded Zhou Yafu, but compared with Yue Feixiang, the so-called you have not affected by life, just don't let the Han Emperor drive into the barracks, the notice Zhou Yafu, Zhou Yafu personally greet. What did Yue Feiyue marshal, led the army to prepare to welcome back to "two emperors" of course Zhaogou - not how, welcome back what way to kill their good is not recovered, heshan. So this will be, you have not affected by life "in China ancient feudal dynasty, the emperor is empty, it is his absolute loyalty, rather than you can.


but it was not the first to appear here, will appear in the Warring States time, in "the art of war, nine" said: "in war, will be ordered to Yu Jun, and army crowd,...... Tu did not, the army did not strike, the city did not attack, and some do not dispute, the king's life has not been affected." The mean, general centralized warfare, organic fault disposal authority, not all reference to the king.


simply means that the spread of ancient traffic and information is not convenient, said in thousands of miles of the border if the war would only need to send five thousand soldiers to pacify the war, if you wait until the general wrote to ask the emperor, so the emperor and the Minister of the meeting to answer letters, the border war may be needed fifty thousand people go to war against, and the "art of war" that you have not affected by life, because not Junming, also have a heavy mean Jun did not understand the situation, the chaos of life, of course can not be exhausted, or of the armed forces, fight it, Speed is the soldier's asset.!

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