India or confrontation between China and India in order to show what diehard superpower

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-08-13 21:13:17

overseas network on 13 August, India border illegally across the border into China hole and strong Chinese road Lang has been interrupted for nearly 2 months, because India has refused to withdraw troops, both sides are still confrontation.

America's "world news" reported that, at present, India Chinese, the two sides deadlocked, Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, Ambassador of the Xinhua news agency, Chinese Embassy in India and sent to India the day before the official continuous confrontation in the region since the most intensive, long hole blunt warning that China will take all necessary measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests the. But India seems to have chosen to show its diehard end, superpower.

according to the "India express" reported the day before, India official news that border the Indian army has entered the "no war" mode, the Indian army has no obvious dispatching military and weapons, if any action is just to maintain the status quo.

reported that the India government is trying to take two "diplomacy" to solve the crisis of confrontation between China and India: the first choice is to replace the India military confrontation in Bhutan military region, the China and Bhutan army troops, but also worried that this will give Bhutan to provide power for direct contact with Chinese, and the Chinese diplomatic relations; second another choice is to extend the confrontation time until November, said that "with the coming of winter, the region's climate deterioration, make any military action difficult".

China Foreign Ministry issued a document on the former "India border position" in the Sino Indian border crossing into Sikkim section China territory and Chinese, illustrated the Indian army cross-border incident truth to the international community, a comprehensive exposition of the position of the government China. The

document pointed out that the Chinese government has always attached great importance to developing good neighborly relations with India and is committed to safeguarding peace and tranquility in the border areas of the two countries. In keeping with its utmost good faith and keeping high restraint, China has worked hard to communicate with India through diplomatic channels to resolve the incident. Good faith is not without principles; restraint is not without the bottom line. What needs to be warned of India is that China's territorial sovereignty is inviolable. Don't expect India China will take their own territorial sovereignty to do business, do not underestimate the Chinese government and people's determination to defend the territorial sovereignty, don't underestimate the determination and will Chinese army to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. The latest

on China India Dong Lang confrontation, Chinese spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in August 9th in response to overseas network said, according to the Chinese master, as of August 7th, the Indian army has 53 people and 1 bulldozers illegal in China territory. We want to emphasize is that India must be all cross-border personnel and equipment to withdraw the boundary line of the India side, no matter how many people in India and stranded in China illegally across the border territory, its nature is a serious violation of China territorial sovereignty. (overseas net Zhu Xiao)

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