Ni Ni sun after seconds deleted, they love low-key to dust

Ni Ni Jing Bairan Z

donggeyulequan· 2017-08-13 22:16:47

yesterday morning, Ni Ni Tan and Jing Bairan photo, a big show of happiness, when the little sister grilled also think, wow, together so long so sweetly to treat love so low-key Ni Ni Princess wants to share his love with you, I really envy you.

" but Ni Ni deleted the ins, a small steak sister feel very confused, what is in her scruples, star love, a happy sun should consider the whole week.

Ba sister thought for a long time, and also the buddies to discuss this issue, that estimate is because the network violence now so even if it is usual to show affection was afraid of being attacked on network.

Jing Bairan and Ni Ni grilled sister think love has almost low-key to dust, though high shear mixing with a sweet face, and anecdotal rumors, but the network rumor is not a drop of entanglement with all the stars.

" netizens ridicule may be raised in INS color, accidentally sent out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, is that so??

Ba sister feel as the star in terms of big bold boldly show life and love your not what is not good, at least in front of the audience is the real me. So don't be afraid of the next Ni Ni princess, just show it, a lot of people waiting for you to spread it themselves.

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Ni Ni sun after seconds deleted, they love low-key to dust