Most lethal WeChat "bug": not to be described!

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ITzhijia· 2017-08-14 01:56:53

tells you a good news, this month's 28, is Tanabata festival.

you want to think, why people always someone up, and you, since the registration of WeChat, has never been actively looking for you?

is it because you're ugly? Maybe, but maybe it's because... You didn't use WeChat avatar. Study on

single Dog Care Association showed that


head of scenery, I will chat with some respect...

avatar two dimensional adorable girl, when I talk up the brain the opposite is a woman with head

adorable couple photos, I chat in heart will anger spray en

dog however, if you want to let people take the initiative to chat with you, you must stay away from these picture:

pretend the official account type: with this picture of

, people don't talk with you, but you can harvest more.

" including but not limited to: 5 love action movie small seeds, 3 taxi coupons, 2 movies, a redemption code to grab votes activities, a new media business recruitment examination questions and a suspected password......

"file transfer to the avatar collocation assistant only perfect, but WeChat has banned this nickname.

but there are still some wit, quietly made some changes, can only help you to this: "img_box

" Wuyuwuqiu type:

with the head, basically has been away from the social network, WeChat will ring you I lose.

Tony": the head teacher of the

, from time to time again what "if you love, don't love please go away. "And the like. The effect is remarkable, not being pulled black or deleted.

youth addiction type: use this picture of the

, the first impression is addicted to the Internet, a look that is to open the black five, chat with him to want to open the black yiyanbuge:

with the full version of the open black head:

" metamorphosis:

emmmm, I would pull the black way with police Milo to say: "this is Hentai!! "

according to the type of tourists:

I bet there is a picture of the person with this kind of almost everyone in the circle of friends, is a look at the two generation, the generation gap, but if you really love it. We would wish for a long time.

", "adorable baby" type: "

are drying the baby, or do not destroy the family.".


saw this picture, she thought it was my old uncle her daughter-in-law her cousin her cousin home bear children. Far away from you, how can you take the initiative to find you?.

funny than the expression package type:

believe that many people are directly used than funny expression package avatar, tell you, don't, love to the depths of the time You'll see. scene how embarrassing.

don't believe it? If you ask someone you like to change into these heads, you will find that chatting is really boring. I talk about your mother.

" so you don't have a girlfriend, it really can't depend on you, blame your avatar, you tease sister before putting his head for a change, that is what the head like that?

Leo suggested for this picture, after all people see this picture is very difficult to tall,stately and handsome casual and elegant bearing, hold:

" you think I said so much, just to help you find a girlfriend? No, is to help you to counter those who say you can not find a girlfriend because he is not ugly. "If I ask you why who are single, the article throw TA, all this strange head, is the head of the fault. The reason is unassailable.

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