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IPhone exposure Jimmy Lin apple

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-14 05:35:26

every year before the new iPhone release, the Internet is filled with a lot of exposure photos, but many people have such an idea, that is, want to see the reliable iPhone exposure photos, just believe Jimmy Lin.

is Jimmy Lin a God then? Or is his relationship big enough to get to know Cook?

let someone questioned whether the problem appeared as Apple's security measures, will lead to Jimmy Lin so easy to get a new machine is not listed, but these are not, he is just an ordinary man, but his hand iPhone is how to do?

" we look at Jimmy Lin before the exposure of Apple's products history:

2010 first exposure has not yet released iPad mini (2012 iPad Mini released in 2012 5 (iPhone) exposure before the release of the 2 Zhou Baoguang

2013 iPhone (5C) exposure released before exposure for 1 months

2014 iPhone (6) exposure exposure released 3 months ago) published in

2015 iPhone 6s

2016 after exposure exposure iPhone 7 Plus rose gold (a month before the release of

exposure) these have a common characteristic, that will appear near the press conference before Jimmy Lin got is the real entity?

false! Fake! Fake! Important thing to say three times, why is it fake? In fact, most of these

iPhone have not been released, had started exposure, much earlier than Jimmy Lin exposure, while Jimmy Lin is waiting until the last minute to show, the reason is that in order to prevent errors in exposure.

and iPhone have not been released, there can't be a real outflow, then to bear legal responsibility, in addition to the world of Cook, testing and assembly personnel to meet the new machine, but also for the new Apple machines have strict control, unless a iPhone engineer is left in a bar, but it is good a few years ago, now may not happen, that Jimmy Lin could get true?

"is not the real" what is it? We are called the model machine or copycat machine, is a pure shell ornamental display, which is actually not any component, and can not boot operation, only a a copy of the shell.

and the shell are not yet released according to the appearance shape crafted, if the majority can boot is copycat machine, these copycat products and models usually copied and production speed faster than apple conference.

doesn't believe? Can iPhone a year before publication, directly open some business platform, and search for the latest iPhone name, make sure you see every kind of model machine, as long as the money can be a not yet released iPhone broke the god.

, in order to meet their vanity, I believe there will be some people buy a show ahead of schedule.


Jimmy Lin show skills we can find Jimmy Lin in the show these unlisted iPhone, there will be a kind of habit, is to never let you see the real operation of the screen, after all the model machine is unable to boot, usually a better Pose, then take a picture on it.

look at this picture, a few years ago Jimmy Lin in his micro-blog first exposure not listed iPhone6, and that published the speech: "the 4.7 inch screen, power shifted to the right, wrapped in no built-in antenna, rectangular design eliminates before, feel more mellow. "The screen is bigger, it's nice to hold, it's more convenient, and you're always looking at the lower class of text and video." look at the right iPhone flash. It's a piece of yellow paper, and this is a model machine.

" at the time of pull forward to iPhone 5 when the exposure of the picture, even the lens, the Lightning interface is false, but the screen is just a piece of plastic paper, Jimmy Lin seems to be in operation? Fake!

" and even from micro-blog have used Pro9 iPhone models to send articles, finally immediately delete text, just ask the assistant out atmosphere, and tell you this is just a joke.

has some friends will always think that only Jimmy Lin exposure is true, Jimmy Lin after exposure, started to criticize the new iPhone, apple security measures are ugly and so on speech, almost every year will be repeated, year after year, you should also look tired.

Jimmy Lin to do is to what? As an artist and actor, these are just in order to keep their visibility, after all, know how to use a little money can be made more exposure, the investment value of CP is very high, there will be a large number of free advertising media to help him, Jimmy Lin and god get a new iPhone like.

led to users who did not know the truth, think Jimmy Lin is very powerful, but also to get the latest unpublished iPhone.

to tell you the truth, if there's someone else next time, "I just believe it."

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