Next month! Apple's coolest new exposure in history

Apple AR exposure iPhone

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-14 06:47:49

for the upcoming apple September new conference, in addition to iPhone 8 protagonist, there is a new product to debut, and it is also subject to everyone's attention.

Cook has more than once said that apple is optimistic about AR technology, and will increase investment in this area. From the current exposure of the iPhone 8 spy photos, the photo is to become double vertical AR. Are

industry chain in Taiwan, the latest insider revealed that next month Apple will release AR glasses, which have 3D camera function, and built a series of sensors, the iPhone is the coolest parts, so it does not screen, Hon Hai said with this new OEM Pegatron will.

but there are chain sources, the AR glasses innovation than Apple's AirPods, but the problem is that it may be released after September, really large area listed on sale in 2018, which is very similar to AirPods.

as for the price of this AR glasses, there are news that will be around 2000 yuan, of course, perhaps more expensive than it, the so-called "Apple's history to do the coolest new" it, you really think about it?

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Next month! Apple's coolest new exposure in history

Next month! Apple's coolest new exposure in history

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