279 yuan! Millet down jacket release: one seamless process

Millet ZA

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-14 10:29:09

after the previous notice, millet ecological chain enterprises run rice technology today officially released millet one thin fabric jacket, and announced today at the m home goods open all the chips, pre qualified male black and blue.

from the official presentation of view, millet one fabric thin jacket main one seamless process, can effectively reduce the run down jacket velvet, 90% high quality white eiderdown, fluffy reached 700+, sideways pockets can be incorporated packaged, light and portable, warm with the coming autumn time.

official said that this jacket the use of lightweight 20D woven fabric structure, weaving out directly down segmentation positions, abandon the traditional "needle" and "line" sewing, sewing process of piercing fabrics, filling the regional farewell needle, ultra light shielding drill down jacket with white hair "headache", more locked in winter warm.

compared to the existing market pressure glue seamless bonding technology down jacket, one seamless process can reduce the weight of the clothing itself, taking into account the lightness and warmth of the two advantages. Internal pressure less fabric glue and suture of the segment, to fit every part of the body to maximize the full down, seamless, leaving no insulation dead. In the key part, the high tenacity suture is used to sew with the imported round headed needle, and the yarn is not damaged when the suture is finished, so as to further reduce the risk of drilling.

materials, the content of 90% 700+ white eiderdown, fluffy, lightness and excellent heat insulation performance. 20D super dense nylon yarn, taking into account the light and delicate and difficult to run down the characteristics of the fabric through the 4 level waterproof test, you can cut light water droplets, coping with changing rain and snow weather.

price, this down jacket to raise the price of 279 yuan , is expected to start shipping on September 15 date.

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