129 yuan! Millet Notebook Stand release: weight touching

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leikeji· 2017-08-14 12:57:05

now can be considered worthy of the name m home grocery store, not only can buy smart products, but also can see the pen, screwdriver, towels and other items mixed. It is no exaggeration to say, millet products have covered people's basic necessities of life.

recently, the meters home products shelves shelves of a notebook, the price of 129 yuan. this brand is DiiZiGN bracket, the material is high strength steel, the maximum weight of 25Kg, more than most of the weight of notebook products. Officials say the product has been 18° designed to protect the eyes and cervical spine, but it may be inappropriate to start typing at first. There are four convex pad

of the bracket, and dug a hole in the middle, mainly in order to make a better cooling notebook. In addition, the support component in front of the bracket is also a mobile phone stand, so it is very convenient for users to use the mobile phone to watch video.

" but it is because the material for cold rolled steel, the supports the weight of 1.39Kg, is close to a thin and light weight of the design, it cannot be deformed plus, into the bag is difficult only suitable for use in the home or office, travel is not easy to carry.

in addition, to see this product, ray (WeChat ID:leitech) immediately think of IKEA produced iPad stent. IKEA's bracket products are made of wood and plastic, mainly designed for iPad, but also for mobile phones and lightweight books. And most importantly, the price is relatively low (minimum 12.9 yuan), and the weight is very light.

" and the main advantage of millet laptop stand for dissipation function, bearing capacity is relatively large, and ergonomic design. So, do you think this product is worth buying?

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