Why does WeChat have no membership and hierarchy?

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-08-14 12:57:15

QQ has 16 years of time, can be said that each person's computer have a chat tool, but WeChat has just a few years it took a lot of users of QQ, but for WeChat and QQ, there are many different places. One of the typical differences is that WeChat does not implement hierarchy like QQ, nor does it introduce paid membership services. Why is that?

" on the one hand, QQ is the PC side of the network pager, once the user does not need other PC user contact, most of the QQ function is not needed. So, QQ implements a hierarchy that encourages users to increase their online time, and the higher the QQ level, the higher the authority.

QQ rating system and membership services, to special competition, can also encourage users landing long time online, by contrast, is WeChat's first mobile phone positioning terminal, as long as you use WeChat, there is no difference between online or offline. Well, if WeChat implements a hierarchy like QQ, it's clearly a bit unequal.

" communication is not equal, there will be many unexpected results, will destroy the existing WeChat open ecosystem. In general, WeChat may be born in the future a number of paid users, but now, the hierarchy will destroy WeChat's ultimate experience, exacerbated by WeChat's bloated. So WeChat doesn't have the same QQ hierarchy.

WeChat is a more international product, to the international standard of similar products, whatapp, Facebook and other similar products did not launch the hierarchy

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