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weifengwang· 2017-08-14 13:07:30

this week, there was a magnitude seven earthquake in Sichuan, which was much less damaging than Wenchuan in 2008.

natural disasters always makes people across the country and even the game player million people united as one man, but also to ensure Sichuan's hang up, brother! We don't report!


" but see the earthquake Chengdu people said: hold, we can win.

", of course, there are people who lack id=.

" silly * life is always a minority, you still have to care about most of the grapes disaster relief personnel, police salute to reporters and friends!

the book goes back to the game.

this week, according to unofficial sources, some overseas games on Taobao were limited.

in fact, many of Taobao's games are not from regular channels, and even lack of piracy, checked banned is also understandable. But some businesses come up with some "crooked trick", intent to escape supervision, continue to sell, such as the "watchdog" written in 2 "two guard dog", also with a husky photograph:

" similar "cheating" there is

big pineapple - Diablo

three men and a dog -- GTA5

-- boyfriend (abbreviation BF) battlefield

devil May cry -

Lengshan silent hill gully cry < /p>

Barry and Claire Story 2 -- Revelation

fire story -- dark soul singer K

Kabukicho: Rulong


grapes think this book should be called "buy a game in Taobao life experience.".

players are inspired to name their favorite games. Can you guess what the game is below?

"follow closely behind 3"

"on public transport two wolves"

"Jinkou shochu 3"


with chest sliding" keen host game player are compared to the B station children love PC game.

has B stations, users give advice to vendors, help them solve the problem of game publishing once and for all, and once opened the "dimension wall" between the host and PC".

inspired by this child, grape Jun also found that, in fact, the world was not so complex.

, McDonald's, KFC, what's the point? It's not good to open in the same store The name is called "horse base"; what video site does

B station do? How about getting a TV channel on the star? It is called a "BLTV

"; Taobao and Jingdong also don't argue, the merger of the two renamed "Jing Bao", is the abbreviation of "JB";

at home to eat a meal is to go to the bathroom, directly to the table chair into the toilet is not on the line......

although the kid is just a layman, professional gamers don't have a good time.

micro-blog, a programmer for planning grievances.

" comment area for all types of planning object.

products: the lack of a quality control, see who dislike those who.

front end: as a whole, it's about the same......

painter: that's all. Anyway, it's all right to hit the plan.

finally planned out to say thank you:

, thank you for your understanding, in fact, because the program can not be achieved. "


", "at the end of the day", "grape Jun" intends to share a little dry goods with you.

recently had his buddy asked me, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen hangchikengchi for several years to save money, this is buying stocks or funds?

I told him, in fact you should play this game "monopoly", it had said a lot of truth, only young you did not understand:

what to buy than to buy, where to buy any expensive city;

real stress first mover advantage, get rich by trading stocks;

analysis chart as there is an internal message;

, you are a poor man, because you were not born with $two million;

initial capital less wealth added more time;

wants to catch up with others, the fastest way is to maximize the

loans; real estate stocks are not macro-control (all poor card);


hey? Someone is knocking at the door. My express seems to have arrived......

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