The world's most powerful fire engine. Are you sure it's not a Transformers?

Transformers ZA

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-14 13:07:50

" during the first Gulf War, Kuwait 700 wells is lit, if let the oil burning, it takes seventy years to burn, there is a great threat to the global environment, Big Wind fire truck is to deal with this problem and the birth of. The chassis of the monster was tracked by the famous T-34 tank, and a pair of jet engines on the chassis came from MIG 21. In order to balance the huge recoil

jet engine caused by the fire truck was added to the weight of 46 tons, the high temperature erosion at the same time also switched to a 90 mm thick steel plate to resist fire. This big guy started roaring is really quite cool, but it also has amazing fighting strength.

, which can eject 832 liters of water per second, has a jet speed of up to 770 km / h, and the water column is coming out faster than the high-speed rail. With the help of the powerful machine, the fire was extinguished in just 46 days.

this wonderful combination of weapons of war, finally became a weapon against disaster, but has made no small contribution to the human environment.


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