The price fluctuation! Millet MIX2 release time exposure

Millet exposure Xiaolong processor

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-14 14:10:08

recently millet MIX2 rumors up, in fact, such a situation is about to usher in the first mobile phone ring be not at all surprising, flagship mad in September, followed by millet MIX has begun to cut prices, which also pave the way for the upcoming successor.

is now circulating online latest news shows, millet MIX2 is expected to be released in September 12th, in addition to the screen to improve the proportion, the biggest feature of a mobile phone is to add bright silver.

" in addition, the message also said, will have 6GB RAM+128GB millet MIX2 ROM and 8GB RAM+256GB ROM to launch two versions, priced at 3999 yuan and 4999 yuan. Compared to the previous generation, the price has actually increased.

before we reported the millet MIX2, it is still a research type concept machine, will use the actuator's AAC to replace the piezoelectric ceramic scheme, realize the screen sound, mainly has the advantages of low power consumption, small space occupation, to enhance the quality of sound.

as millet MIX2 configuration, it is said that the internal code named "Chiron", equipped with 6 inches JDI screen, equipped Xiaolong 835 processor, and 3400mAh capacity battery, the main camera will use SONY 12 million pixel IMX386 sensor, and the front lens is small and MIX meters with a 5 million pixel V5675 sensor.

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