The balance of treasure limit reduced to 100 thousand yuan, the bank Ma Yun Mengsui?

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individual holds the highest amount of the balance treasure down again.

" according to Celestica Fund announcement, since August 14th (Monday), the balance of treasure personal account limit adjusted to 100 thousand copies (corresponding to 100 thousand yuan), the stock has not affected. Before the end of May, the balance of treasure of the personal account limit has been reduced to 250 thousand yuan.

the balance of treasure to buy a share of not more than 4000 yuan per capita

2013, Celestica fund and Alipay launched monetary fund balance treasure, per unit value of 1 yuan. Major shareholders of the parent company of Alipay gold clothing is also the ant Celestica fund, Celestica fund currently holds 51% of the shares. Benefit from the ants clothing consignment channels, the number and size of the balance of treasure users grow rapidly. Celestica fund official website data show that as of the 1 quarter of 2017, the balance of treasure users have exceeded 300 million.

, the maximum amount of personal hold down, what impact will users? Balance treasure side said, the balance of treasure per capita purchase share of not more than 4000 yuan, overwhelmed limit for the vast majority of users did not affect.

it is understood that after adjustment, personal holdings, if you reach or exceed 100 thousand, can not be transferred to more funds, and more than 100 thousand yuan before the account, no need to turn out.

in fact, the balance of treasure limit has been lowered more than once. After a series of two cuts this year, the balance of personal treasure holders of the maximum amount has been adjusted to 100 thousand yuan from 1 million yuan.

5 26, Celestica Fund released the first adjustment announcement, since May 27th 0:00 onwards, the balance of personal treasure holders of the maximum amount is adjusted to 250 thousand yuan. That time, Celestica Fund said that the adjustment is to make the balance of treasure more in line with the personal cash management tool as a positioning.

ant a variety of on-line balance treasure competing products "

Celestica Fund said in the announcement, since this year, the balance of treasure scale growth, in order to maintain the stable operation of the balance of treasure, Yu Ebao personal account adjustment limit. Some analysts said that the balance of treasure restrictions on scale, or for slow growth and long-term sound management considerations.

data show that in recent years, the scale of the balance of treasure all the way up, in 2014 at the end of 6, the scale of 574 billion 160 million yuan, to the end of the first quarter of 2017 to 1 trillion and 140 billion yuan, doubling during which doubled. As of the end of the first quarter of this year, the size of the entire public fund is 9 trillion and 210 billion, the balance of treasure, a fund accounted for 12%. According to the balance of treasure's two quarter report, the fund size has grown to 1 trillion and 430 billion, becoming the world's largest monetary fund.

for the future will continue to cut the maximum amount of personal holding, the balance of treasure told reporters, did not continue to limit the amount of the plan.

it is worth noting that, as the ants wear the platform and technology to open financial institutions, previously monopolized channel balance treasure also faces more competition. There are a variety of other fund companies monetary fund product line ant wealth platform, including Bo maoutseng money market fund, CCB Jinzeng Li money market funds etc..

single from the recent earnings performance point of view, the latter two slightly better than the balance treasure. In the beginning of a wave of gains, the balance of treasure seven annual yield gradually fall, seven annual yield of about 4.1% by July 12th, has fallen by 4%. August 12th, the balance of treasure seven annual yield of 3.92%. In contrast, in August 13th, Bo maoutseng currency A, CCB Jinzeng Li seven year rate of return of 4.599% and 4.596% respectively. Is

's Bank dream broken?

recently, China financial market is a sudden change in the situation, the evening of August 11th, the Alibaba's first famous enterprise fund Celestica Fund announced that the personal account limit from 250 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan, this message is a financial market in an uproar. To know as early as 3 months ago, the balance of treasure limit or high of 1 million, and three months for two times from 1 million to 250 thousand Tiaodang, then turned into a 100 thousand yuan, can be said for two consecutive times substantially reduced, Celestica fund can be said to be a precarious, today we have to talk about super Ma Yun's bank balance treasure and dream.

, the balance of treasure from the birth of Ali financial dream

in early 2013, China financial markets or a commercial banks, fund companies and other traditional financial institutions monopoly market, then you can choose financial products is very limited, the money can buy the bank money, no money can only deposit bank savings and the purchase of treasury bonds, while Alipay is Alibaba's Taobao, Tmall provides a means of payment payment transactions. And all this because of one thing and change, Alipay announced on June 2013 that launched in cooperation with Celestica fund balance treasure, the balance of payments accounts which can be invigorated, and can have much higher than commercial bank deposit income level in the current situation for a time, the market shock, the balance of treasure turned out, let Chinese the financial market has entered a era of Internet financial.

in a sense, the balance of treasure appears completely changed Chinese financial market structure, the original China financial market is a standard 28 market differentiation, for the majority of financial institutions, a large number of ordinary

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