"Shark bead biography" is a copy of adapted works? Crew response

The movie shark beads Hua Xu cited ten peach III.

juziyule· 2017-08-14 15:22:19

has to say that the audience is becoming less tolerant of plagiarism.

it's a good thing to give creative workers a better chance of living and we should all support them.

" but not plagiarism, plagiarism is against accidental injury, the movie "shark bead biography" is also the first one.

don't understand? In fact, the way things are ~

long before the release of the film "III. ten peach" is adapted from the original author Tang seven childe's works, but the works of Tang and seven because of alleged plagiarism, denies plagiarism, caused a lot of friends and readers of anger.

" there are sharp eyed Netizens found that currently being hit movie "shark biography" is adapted from pearl in Tang Dynasty and the seven son of plagiarism as "Hua Xu cited", for this type of plagiarism, it is natural to strongly resist users.

" however, and another netizen said "shark bead biography" is not adapted in Tang Dynasty and the seven works.

", some people say copy, and some people say that they did not copy, but what is the fact?

today, the movie "shark bead biography" formal hair statement in response to the "suspected of plagiarism" false statements.

pays attention to the orange movie WeChat public number: (juzimovie) sends the movie resource, obtains the orange gentleman to recommend the movie resources, sits in the home to look at the classics big picture!

" that means that, "shooting shark bead biography" the shadow media company earlier purchased "Hua Xu cited" the copyright, when to movie, the copyright expires, intends to start the development of "Hua Xu lead", so in the promotion of the film during early on with "Hua Xu cited the words" publicity materials.

but for a variety of reasons, he failed to continue and ended the film project of "Xu Xu".

" (the "seven childe Tang Hua Xu cited") and "

" is the director of the Pearl shark always want to shoot a fantasy film, May, has been a clarification: the story is original the story originated in architecture, Kyushu world view, not change any novel copyright.

" there are friends, intimate do two work roles, story comparison, to demonstrate the difference of the two story is actually great, not what contact.

" so the netizens boycott Tang seven but harming the movie "shark bead biography", is pretty bad.

", it seems that for plagiarism, we can not tolerate, for the original works, we are still very supportive!

said that since the last sentence copied, so you want orange shouting a slogan: resist plagiarism, I started from you all!

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