Taiwan media rating was the first actress magnet slag men she

Cyndi Wang Li Jin father Xie Jinyan

tengxunyule· 2017-08-14 15:22:33

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, in the beautiful clouds in the entertainment circle, not because the girl star met not only waste slag men, good time, but also because of scandal on the news page. Recently, Taiwan media survey ten affliction actress, Cyndi Wang only ranked third.

ranked third Cyndi Wang is recognized slag male magnet actress, has been hurt by several past boyfriend, Wing Fan broke the news, Cyndi Wang's first night is not to him, ruined the woman's pure image, called the first slag man. Then Cyndi Wang's first boyfriend Ou Dingxing also said he is not out to make it a night, clouds spread showbiz. And let Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuanhao 'communication is considered a mistress title, after breaking up again into private photos storm, so the two sides had a falling out, so fans are distressed her feelings encounter.

ranked second in addition to Xie Jinyan and his father diggler. Popular attention, 8 years ago, unmarried. Due to his father's identity a mystery child, so that the outside world has been curious. The Taiwanese singer Yang Zongxian was most likely, but he denies this, but Xie Jinyan a few years alone to raise my son grow up, no boyfriend, so many friends feel very distressed.

ranked first is the cucumber's daughter Xiao Zhen (Hu Yingzhen), she and the famous doctor Li Jinliang integer after marriage, the womanising, lace news constantly, again and again patience she couldn't help with his daughter and her husband separated, until this year, two talents to warm feelings. But Li Jinliang has been photographed with the scandal object with the tour of Bangkok, cut constantly tangled relations to the outside world in.

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