Strong winds to Jin (four) | RUNNING CAT group ran Jinwei Chai Downes ancient race record


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< P style = "issues center;" >2015 at the end of, was last year Gu Chai contestant after the photo beautiful; so when early 2016 see 416 and wood of the ancient Games, not hesitate to report the name, also encouraged the around a group of small partners together to sign up.

I would like to ask, according to such registration, how can you not echocardiography?? For the first time; line-height: (""; line-height: ("" ", 255, 255 (;;;;" family "


to finish the report before long, only to learn that Shanghai half marathon in April 17, the day of last year because of injuries and regret to give up the Shanghai half horse. This year, we learned that our company is one of the sponsors of the tournament, as a member of the company run group, of course, to be able to participate in the company's honor to participate in the competition. To give up ("";;;;;; line-height: (""

training before the match

as saying "the roof leaking coincides with the rainy night", at the beginning of this year, because of an ankle tendon rupture, rest for 2 months; March 20, Wuxi marathon reluctantly went to 39km, eventually dropped out of the race. Style= color: "RGB font-size: (136, 136, 136); 14px line-height:;

boast is said out, how to do it? The most important is the thigh muscle training, want to safely finish, must increase the strength of the thigh and muscle. And at this time, only half a month's time from the start of the game. How can we do it?

here, I need to thank the " running cats "physical training hall and" Z plan "coach Ceng Zhaogong; the former as the most professional training institutions (no one); the latter is the most (the three most, the most senior professional marathon coach) they gave me a lot; in the short term, targeted training mode; make me in the competition to benefit, summarized the following three points:



    first, every day 300 squats, strengthen leg strength. From the beginning of the establishment of the goal of the first day, to the night before the game, this half a month's time, I have completed a day of 300 deep squat. The beginning is a group of 50, followed by 70, 80, and finally a group of 100, divided into three groups to complete. It can be said that the half month squat, for I can finish the back-to-back games, played a decisive role. Style= text-align: "left

4 16, "text-align: style=

as today's game to the race so the start from the starting point to the 4km at the foot of the mountain. I basically press 500 pace in the race; but very strange, I ran the 500 pace is not easy, fast to the foot of the mountain, even a little breath, probably because of low pressure. .

reached before CP1, probably because of the excitement, but also may be due to a complete physical start, and perhaps the way the scenery is so beautiful; in a word no, I too impressed with 8km before the race, feeling suddenly to punch CP1. CP1:1 hours 09 minutes.

over the, CP1, met I think is the race is the most beautiful mountain. Climb to the top of that moment, wind around the clouds, peaks in the distance, albeit not very clearly, like in the picture; the moment, I think to take part in the game, so worth it!

attached to the two big hill, my legs are soft, and in front of because you can only accommodate one person through; therefore, contestants are in the queue downhill; the moment, around is very quiet, there is no urge people to each other, more is to support each other, you pull me to pull to help with the most dangerous of the two downhill section; I think, which is probably cross-country spirit of it. < br />

of course, then I is not know this all, on the road did not forget by ridicule God a few. The following figure is a true portrayal of the uphill: are walking, there is no!!!

  & nbsp; & nbsp;

this period, 66 continuously and continued more than a lot of 60 and 82 km isapart players, I found, so it looks like I'm running pretty fast. The key is without the body a little discomfort, the muscles of the thigh and ankle control is also very stable; can not help heart inwardly secretly pleased. Only is I in want of perfection, the water is running out, the only province to advance CP2.


events, because the arrival of a thunder shower, and to track added a lot of difficulty. Originally on the slippery road, because of the heavy rain, more slippery. Downhill I with continuous fell two wrestle later, only honest to slowly move down; therefore, the consumption of the lots of energy and waste a lot of time.

when the last, rushed over end is CP3 that moment, that I am the man, nine, I was very happy! It is worth mentioning that the end of the end of the beer Oh, oh, my favorite beer oh!

at the same time, I in CP3 recharge station encountered a small luxury, elder brother Hua and happy; also really made my excited, although they 60km and 82 km isapart is received strength in the running, but after all, can catch up with the early we set off half an hour three cross-country God. I am for the proud!

& nbsp;

contrast 2015 summer Hangzhou cross-country 25km, I takes four hours and 48 minutes; the 30km cross-country race, only 18 minutes, can not be said is great progress! Style= color: "RGB font-size: (136, 136, 136); 14px line-height:;

4.17: Shanghai

after reluctantly adhere to 2km, came to the running cat private fill at, with Joyce on behalf of cats (Ah Wei, Alice Xiao Yu, the cat sister-in-law, & nbsp; Momo, summer loudly invoke my name and give my last sprint of a filament power. Thank you very much for your encouragement, giving me the courage and strength to finish the last ride. In addition, I would like to say that the next time you can not only shout to me, can you give me a drink? Such a high value of Yan cat running private repair team, you can not be tempted? Shuai (""; ("" (""

& nbsp

and adhere to the 1km. In the 18 km, has finally been 130 chased a rabbit (the middle and the fun run), after 3 km away speed is very obvious, is my whole game the most tired, but fortunately, the last still to 1 hours 32 minutes 04 seconds to finish the race, to reach the expected goal.


written in the last

back-to-back can eventually achieve such results, I also did not expect. I think for me, it should be scientific training, to ensure that the status and performance of the race; at the same time, it has greatly enhanced my self-confidence!

finally, except for running the cat and he coaches outside; encountered in the two games small partners (whether it is on the field of the participants, and volunteers) let me very moved, because of you, just let every game so wonderful! Style= />

running cat (runningcat007)

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