Liyan Tong seconds deleted photos, because found and Chen Sicheng reconciled?

Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng micro-blog Chinatown Holmes

tanzi· 2017-08-15 03:28:58

Liyan Tong said recently because of the game, and show your own cooking.

", but not knowing why, Liyan Tong quickly deleted the micro-blog and renewed it.

", note that the new micro-blog has two fewer photos. However, deleted, and has been good friends have saved photos. One is under the photos of the dish with a spatula under the action of food is very skilled.

", and one shot from behind.

users analysis, resulting in Liyan Tong delete Bo may be the replay of the highlights of the back photo. Notice where the arrow is pointing, and the coat is missing. Some netizens speculated that Liyan Tong dressed at home so cool, free to take pictures, photographs and her relationship must be very close. And from the photo, it was taken from a high angle, and the camera man must be higher than Liyan Tong. So this is probably a dark rub, in the show loving, photographed people, in fact, Chen Sicheng?

ha ha ha, netizens are Holmes ah.

said Liyan Tong was really a good cook when it came back to cooking.

" made out of food has gone beyond the general Home Dishes, color is too beautiful, see people slobber ticking, say Huang Lei do I believe.

" don't this table only a shrimp meat dishes, the price is not cheap. The packing box can be noticed on the table paste out of it, and pulled out the piercing eye of users is the packing box of shrimp.

" this is not an ordinary shrimp, shrimp is called for the Madagascar tiger shrimp, is the only French red label certified seafood food. I searched in a shopping website, 2 kg sold 550 yuan! The equivalent of 140 pound, gee.

" although the messy hair, dressed casually, around a large apron, but Netizens feel that YaYa beauty. This micro-blog is the highest point of praise comments praise Yaya is a "charming little fairy", entertainment by the cook when the "charming Fairy" female star is not much, ha ha ha.

said Yaya is really can cook, not just to have put micro-blog, before being photographed to go shopping and assistant.

", contrast Chen Yao's way of buying food, you will understand.

" shot "Chinatown Holmes" in Thailand, shooting the gap also do their own cooking supper, this is because the environment.

" is indeed the middle Jianfengchazhen filming the kitchen, or the characters in the play style, also wear costumes, haha.

" into the hall under the kitchen this sentence is used to describe Liyan Tong, traditionally, I didn't even bother to Diss as an understanding wife and loving mother, Chen Sicheng. I would like to ask, I will also cook, eat snacks, do weight 88, but also so big chest!

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