Use Alipay to raise a chicken!

Alipay the game the glory of the thief

aifaner· 2017-08-15 07:08:16

" when a lot of people still get up early every day to collect energy, Alipay has quietly launched a no early pet develop game: ant farm. Alipay

farm in these two days, before the forest ants play friends are saying "Alipay game park and engage in! "And" family NetEase in the pig, while Alipay is making us chicken. "

thinks it's too hard to develop a towering tree." May wish to play a Alipay this adorable pet chicken game. You continue to steal my stolen at the same time, an endless enjoyment and friends, but also make their support of the adorable chick playing.

, after adopting a virtual pet, you need to feed it on time. Through the use of Alipay consumer (unlimited), you can get fed feed. You can also let the hungry chicken go to a friend's farm and steal it. A full hen lays a love egg, while a love egg can be used to donate a charity project.

the basic operation of raising chickens. The entrance to the

game is somewhat hidden, like the ant forest, in the "home page" - "more" - "education charity.".

, if you are in trouble, you can also find the entrance to the "ant Manor" directly in the search column.

, click the "collect" button, then you can get your chicken and start your chicken industry. Because each chicken looks are the same, so there is no need to envy others for what the chicken looks better.

as a virtual pet form of the game, you need to feed it on time every day, eat the chicken can lay eggs, put together 5 love eggs, can contribute to public welfare projects, currently only supports the treatment of orphaned poor children with congenital heart disease. Each raising 715 thousand love eggs, can let a poor family congenital heart disease children get professional medical rescue.

", each donation of 5 love eggs, you can get 1 points of honor. Glory values can be used for friends' rankings, and can also increase the amount of storage you have.

" you can use Alipay access to feed consumption. At present, support to shop payment, online payment and love donation these three love feed task. After the completion of the task, you need to receive the feed before 24, or the feed will disappear.

" raised a thief as chicken son

chicken "digestion" is not good, each feeding takes an average interval of 5 hours. Because you don't support automatic feeding, it's easy to forget that your chicken will "run away" to find something to eat. It will go to the friends of the

manor to eat, until they were driven away, you can also call it back, said: how do I raise such a thief as the son, but the heart Anxi maybe it gives you save food.

" similarly, friends will come to eat your chicken feed, or even stay in your farm has been eating, you can take it away.

if you click on a friend's manor, see someone else's chicken there to steal, just click to remind the owner, you will get the corresponding feed reward. If you have enough friends, you can get feed reward by constantly reporting, and solve your chicken eating problem.

game play sounds familiar, and then the QQ farm to steal food or now ant forest steal energy seems to strain, are to develop the game light social, will by stealing (food and energy) to social entertainment. but the difference is that your chicken does not need you to manipulate, hungry will run out to steal.

" from the forest to the ant ant farm in the Alashan area, from the trees to help treat orphaned poor children with congenital heart disease, which runs through Alipay to improve the user activity and consider the way to reward mechanism of public investment. This game that seems to be profitable in a variety of ways, and more and more people are willing to devote time to play.

if you steal energy trees already had, it is better to chicken. Why don't you help others when you come with me to promote friendship?

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