Taobao how to transform the seller to do Taobao's up (with settled in Taobao's talent approach and note)

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Amoy (Redskins ring, a live video, matching control), I want daily, micro Amoy, community, daily new.

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by these official Ali dynamic representation, the motivation behind Taobao is the lack of traffic, " hope more sellers to Ali drainage, to maintain traffic, maintain old customers of , which is why this store weight, Taobao customers, old customers back rate, dynamic sales rate, customer service dispute rate of these four indicators is the priority among priorities, which is why this had several indicators of high shop, causes the free flow and inexplicable "the higher the

Ali why Taobao main push Master? Passed on to the lack of ";" as the name suggests, < span style = line-height: 1.75em color of the RGB (217 33, 66); "> before Taobao sellers platform, Taobao is now to transform into selling" people "platform, because vivid" trust is much higher than that of cold product images, buyers are more willing to and human interaction, which is why business is the essence of trust, only "people" (of course, in addition to well-known brands) capable of carrying goods quality, good sales experience; only used this transformation in order to return to the nature of the business, in order to solve the new flow is introduced into the dilemma that how to put your shop?

first, I have always stressed, as the owner of the shop, which afraid you are factory outlets, you are the boss, < span style = "line-height: 1.75em; color RGB (217, 33, 66);" > you must do a customer in the shop, but also to spend 1-2 hours to do pre-sales and after-sales service , only such, you only know your buyers why choose your product, why not choose your product, from these buyers experience the pain points to do their store locator.

I mentored a Tmall store, the shop owner is a traditional enterprise boss, surnamed Tan, nearly more than and 50 years old, net worth tens of millions, 2015 electricity supplier is because this is the trend, he was worried about his backward. But spent hundreds of thousands of listening to a lot of training courses, the same as western, finally learned a grotesque, he and I met at a dinner break, when I understand his situation, know that he is a professional of cashmere products, but also from his chat that the cashmere products from raw materials to the finished product, need a lot of professional knowledge, but also know the difference between cashmere and wool, what kind of clothes is full of cashmere, what kind of clothes is full of wool, he said now In the market as long as the price is less than 2000 are not pure cashmere, at that time I was ignorant to a few hundred dollars, we usually buy cashmere sweater, cashmere wool but not, even the hair; so I had advised him to the shop to tan myself as a prototype, a pseudonym of the master, at the age of more than and 50 the old man, male, wearing glasses, professional skills, live birth, just as they shop cashmere, spokesperson for many buyers (regardless of whether the customer, as long as the user is online shopping) to provide free cashmere sweater washing service a professional laundry washing cashmere sweater (the average price in 40 yuan, and we are here to wash clothes only need to pay the freight, it is less than 20 yuan freight only), and provide free screening services for cashmere sweater, buy fake Taobao, free Sale rights service (which is by me to provide, through the positioning of this series and differentiated services, less than a month, his shop is on the up and guest unit price in 2000 yuan or so, although our sales volume is not high, but the profit is great, and back rate and introduction of a very high.

this case here, I think that attitude is, to the identity of the person, not necessarily a girl, not necessarily fashion buyers, in fact there are many souls attribute, because everyone has his own body the unique your" margin-bottom: 15px style=

due to the time, today wrote here I sign off, I will follow up on this topic To carry out a series of original articles, I hope you can like. Finally, now do the entrance Master attached Taobao and note , hope everyone to apply for" settled , ready to air has come;

, a Taobao headline registration method and steps of

the first step: in a natural month published in accordance with the requirements of the contents of the 15

second step: click here to sign up, waiting for the second review (P2 1 per month 5 -17 days, 15) an audit content of 12 the content is approved, you can get the headlines white list qualification

third step: to obtain the white list of qualifications, for submission in the channel Taobao management headlines health center, every day up to release 5

Taobao 16698010-317718569.htm  made headlines recruitment;


< /span> - first step in Taobao Master. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

second step -- V. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

third step - sign up for a good regular recruitment of new products, through the test, you can join the white list.

[a good goods] Daren qualification and management rules & nbsp; 

how to join white goods list? 

love shopping

love everyone shopping can be released, Taobao home - my Taobao - love shopping. After you click in, we will find that there is a "I want to send", and then you can set up their own album, released the baby.

in their "love shopping home, share a {} key, can bind watercress, Sina Weibo, Renren etc. account and then share directly to these sites. The same problem, we should have enough friends and fans in these sites, so as to make their love shopping is seen more people.

will buy list: list content type: theme shopping (list) and the Raiders (post)

[list] will buy detailed specification for Spm= a210m.7475144.1998166562.94.hH2FeW 

four, the red circle:

fans based on the number of fans: Relatively more, usually active in social networking, and fans have interactive, based on the requirements of fans 10W.

platform: microblogging account; micro letter public accounts; beauty shot; bean; mushroom street, beautiful said community platform.

in line with the requirements of the Reds to how to enter into the Reds circle?

the first step: landing registered as a Taobao

second step: released 5 shot share posts (note card form oh)

third steps: the application in the red circle & nbsp; contentId=211280016539 

fourth steps: background for V certification

(V  and & nbsp; the Reds circle settled) in two words, the content can be directly in the red circle appears

[Reds circle] Reds recruited settled and content rules announcement! [the red circle is relatively high for the reds. ] & nbsp; Spm=a210m.7475144.1998166562.47.bcPzJ2 

5: live video

2016 live video new on-line! Open recruitment of spm= 

six, < / span>

[] column control information collocation investment -2015.4.16 update spm=? A210m.7475144.1998166562.72.12Cz5E 

seven, I want to

"I want daily "Position is to guess what you like the top position, in fact, I want daily" is not a product, it is "Amoy I want" app in hand Amoy a display entrance, referred to as Amoy I want daily. To know how to get the opportunity to show the product in the Amoy I want app, you have to download Amoy I want app. How to

eight, daily

in  search daily good shop, find the corresponding category of application

nine, guess you love" margin-bottom: 15px;

guess you love is divided into 3 sections:" margin-bottom:

3 belong to the recommendation system, including the source of traffic statistics name business staff:

ten, the new

hand wash daily new long-term investment spm=a210m.7475144.1998166562.124.hH2FeW

"Shangguan said" can obtain author's micro signal with the author of AC

1.6; if you lack of a professional team, looking for professional people to help you

if your baby conversion rate is not high, looking for professional people to help you high conversion details page

1.6; if you shop overall operating situation is not good, want to find a professional people do a comprehensive

shop diagnosis "margin-bottom: 15px; white-space: normal; line-height: 1.75em; > services will help you solve all the problems encountered in

immediately press under the recognition of two-dimensional code

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