Pork price a year soared 50% countries decided to two brothers with this tube

Surge country reserve market

shoujitengxunwangcai· 2016-05-07 09:11:16

this year, pork prices open flight mode, soaring all the way. On April 30, the national lean lean pig slaughter prices exceeded 20 yuan / kilogram mark, compared to the same period last year rose nearly 50%, a record high. Friends joked: until now, "journey to the west" the most valuable is not a monk, "two brothers" & hellip; face this round of skyrocketing of pork & hellip;

, from central to local, various departments have shot the! Batch to market put meat reserves --

," government subsidies meat ", can let pork prices drop much? We in Beijing, for example, take a look at you can get much benefit

many people heard of grain reserves, oil reserves, national reserves of pork is how to reserve? Reserve of frozen meat is not frozen for many years of cheap meat will be sold to you? Small make up to you science about the concept of reserve meat -

put reserves of meat is only emergency measures to solve the problem of high pork prices, the key is to look at the relationship between supply and demand. The future will not rise? The national development and Reform Commission said: "the next time the pig price may be high stabilization, but the rise in limited space. The pigs and sows is still relatively low, is expected before the National Day this year will run high hog prices. At the same time, by the summer consumer demand in the off-season, feed and other factors such as the impact of declining breeding costs, hog prices continue to rise significantly less likely. "

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Pork price a year soared 50% countries decided to two brothers with this tube

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