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1, have discussed the details of

"display, improve children's memory need their efforts for a long time, you need to constantly put questions to the children in the process, or discuss some of the details of what happened in the past. Dr. Catherine, a professor of psychology and researcher from Chicago, said. For example, when you discuss a recent circus with your child, you can ask the child, "which program do you like best?" Or, "do you think the clown was funny when he came out the second time?" "If a child can't answer your question, he may not remember it. You might as well give him the answer. Next time, he will learn to remember some details.

2, content_img_p, and memory games,

can play games with cards and children. For example, give a child a look at a lot of pictures, and ask, "what would we take with us if we went for a picnic?" "You and the child, you say one, I say one, and slowly say everything you can choose.".

3, the design tip language

, is a very helpful tool for finding memories. For example, when you teach your child to recognize "left" and "right", let the child draw a "mouth" with his thumb and index finger, and his hand toward the right, which means "right"". The corresponding "right" is "left", "mouth" of the two vertical set and to the middle, it becomes left. You can also use body language or dance to express meaning. This way, every time you do an action, the child immediately thinks of it. After a few times, he does not need your reminder, but also can recite it.

4, give the child a positive hint,

anyone who has a strong memory must be confident of his memory. To build that confidence, give the child a positive hint, and tell him, "honey, it's easy. You can remember it."! "


, separate paragraphs, crush one by one if the children want to recite a poem, or a little drama in long lines, you can let the children take these words apart, put these words in a short read cooked, and then back.

6, develop children's interest in learning,

adults are interested in things that are often easy to remember. On the contrary, if you are not interested in yourself, you must force yourself to remember it. Five or six year old children often can not do this, it is difficult to remember things that are not interesting. So, constantly stimulate the child's interest in learning, he can diligently learn and remember.

7, practice, practice, practice,

, and the children can continue to loudly repeat some of what they want to recite, repeat more than a few times, the child will feel that reciting is very simple. Often test the child, his new words or add and subtract, the more practice, the more skilled children. After the children finished the simple words, should soon get deepened, he admitted to some of the more difficult point of the word, children will slowly realize that memory is an active process, he will feel more and more hard because he is wise, he will because they can deal with so many questions tactfully more and more confident.

8, rich children's living environment.

has a life experience and has memories. Because of the "great progress", the child can remember and tell a lot of things. In influenced, the children of vivid, interesting or cause them happy or surprising things, will leave a deep impression, a long time keep in memory, the impression will cause Lenovo in the face of new things, more easy to remember new things.

can strengthen the memory of 12 kinds of food: milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, millet, corn, day lily, pepper, spinach, orange, pineapple, carrots.

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