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elite families and ordinary families,

chat with the children in this matter is very different from the

when Chihiro just over a year old, I follow the advice of your pediatrician, "let the children become small chatter, adults become big lao". During that time, every day she went out, I would have told her not to stop

: Chihiro, look, the car, the car ran so quickly;

very big tree, the tree is high, and lower floret;

Chihiro, look up, there is a bird on the tree.


was so nervous that every day she said she was in about two years of age.

but at that time chatting with the seeker was mostly my one-man show". I said a lot, she spit out the vague groan and moan, words and phrases bits and pieces. Content to "know objects" based, no meaning (she also can not understand), belonging to the "unconscious" chat".

but after three years of age, I found that her vocabulary was growing so fast that she spoke so clearly that she had a lot of mental growth, something she could not understand before, and now she could think and digest. We began to chat between the more interesting, more wits composition.

for example, on the high slide, she is a little timid, and must hold my hand and slide down together. I teased her, "are you scared?" "She said," I'm not afraid. We are good friends, so we must stick together and slide together. "! "Although it is a face saving excuse, actually let me speechless retort.

there's a lot of dialogue like that.

but at that time, I just enjoyed myself and didn't consciously make the topic a little deeper".

later, I had a chance to learn the Jewish elite family education "Haiwota".

Haiwota (Havruta), is a Jewish family trained numerous distinguished parenting tips, Zuckerberg is also the founder of Facebook source, in addition to Zuckerberg, there are a lot of expert, such as Google, Intel founder Sergey Paige & founder, Oracle founder Allison grove, Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Stephen Spielberg, George Soros, are "Haiwota" bred out the children.

Havruta means close to the English word "fellowship", that is, partnership. Express a group of two, study, learn a question through questions, answers, dialogues, and discussions. Used in family education, that is, parents and children's simple chat into a question, discussion, chat rich gold content.

" you can put "Haiwota" as parents and children of Jewish elite families in their chat chat mode, not gossip, but conscious, fixed time every day to brainstorm. The

study on me, in-depth understanding of the way of education, I found:

elite families and ordinary families, in a chat with the children there is a big difference on this thing, the difference lies in whether consciously let the topic in depth. Elite family, do the "conscious chat" Hyva tower, but for ordinary families, although parents and children chat chat, but the quality is not high.

chat quality is not high, there are two very common performance:

1, perfunctory chat. He seems to be chatting with the children, but he is absent-minded. I once saw a child on the road, after the parents asked East asked West, but his parents are playing a mobile phone, one is like thinking about their own things, then use a short tone to stall the child. Such a chat, do not say in-depth, and even communication can not talk about.

2, chat without nutrition. You will not notice the logic and orderliness of expression in your conversation, nor will you consciously join in the awareness or the way of thinking that you want to teach your child. At the time I was a typical example, when Chihiro said: "I am not afraid, we are good friends, so be in hand with the slide", I can ask a few good friends: "why would slip together hand in hand? If I don't want to, then we are not good friends? "So our chat will go deeper, not stop on her little excuse.

"Haiwota learning", and Chihiro chat, my mind is like a string, often consciously make a deep topic.

as our discussion continues to expand and even subvert my initial perception, I thought children were children, and the topics they discussed must be simple and superficial. In fact, some profound knowledge, children can fully understand, even today do not understand, as he grew to a certain stage, it will suddenly understand.

so, in daily life, how are we going to do "Haiwota"?

first, establish a "Haiwota"

" in the Jewish family, weekend Sabbath, family dinner time, but also with "Haiwota" time. Parents will not ask children to "eat well and talk", but discuss all kinds of questions while eating
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