"Rental housing by" behind the New Deal: 5 young people can only flat-share

Housing new deal young people behind

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2016 April 5th, Gangxia City, Shenzhen village, people look at the advertisement column rental information.

6, at the State Council policy routine briefing, the Ministry of housing and urban construction introduced to accelerate the cultivation and development of housing rental market. Two days ago, the State Council executive meeting to determine the relevant measures to cause widespread concern. Living < the Ministry of Construction recently survey of housing demand survey of the city, due to the lack of supply of small Huxing, young people, new people can only choose sharing, the proportion reached 50%. And more than 30 thousand young people housing situation survey results show that 43.8% of the rental housing in the process suffered black intermediary, fraud intermediary fees and other bad intermediary.

rental difficult, expensive, intermediary "black" … … from the "housing" to "housing", housing rental market transformation of the road, how far?

rental difficult to break the problem?

"would have agreed to the end of the house, but the landlord suddenly said to sell, let me move as soon as possible, by surprise! "Ms. Yang Jie in Beijing Xidan near work, is currently working on the" wards and trouble, "although the landlord defaults will pay liquidated damages, but compared to the frequently find wards of the real time cost, this penalty due to breach of contract and with what? "

rental difficult, but also very difficult to rent a suitable house.

Liuzhou Guangxi blue sky mechanical and electrical company in accordance with the public rental model, built in the local first high-end public rental housing project "blue sky", 1188 sets of houses, the area is between 40 to 60 square meters. < p > Lantian electromechanical chairman Xiong Jiawei told reporters, most of the developers of commercial housing have three or four rooms housing, suitable for family living but not suitable for single people to rent, so a single group is very difficult to rent a suitable house, and some can only choose sharing.

according to regulations, private enterprises to invest in the construction of affordable housing, to obtain land policy support, to meet the 50 to 59 square meters of the area accounted for 60%, 40 to 49 square meters of the area accounted for 40% of the area and other requirements.

"in some big cities, especially in the rental market supply and demand relations are relatively tight, the problem does exist. "Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban and rural development Lu Kehua said in a briefing on the State Council policy.

2015, Ministry of housing made a survey of 16 more foreign population and rental demand larger cities, the results show that, the demand for rental housing to 50 square metres of small Huxing mainly accounted for about 75%, but the market to rent to the housing Huxing small less, so often can only choose sharing, sharing ratio reached the 50%.

"national development of the housing rental market, support for the development of housing rental enterprises, is in line with China's national conditions good policy, will encourage more people to choose to use the lease to solve the housing problem. Xiong Jiawei said. < according to the data provided by the Construction Department of the real estate market supervision department director Gao Zhiyong, at present, through the rental market to solve the living of the general population reached more than 100 million people, annual rent has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, this also means that the rental market is a huge market. The establishment of the housing system, and promote the development of the scale and specialization of the housing lease, become the real estate field "from the supply side of the gospel".

high rent can drop down?

"if you can afford it, find a good house can not say. The biggest problem is the rent is too high. "Beijing chain of home real estate, a senior broker Wang Li told reporters that he contacted a large number of rental groups, the vast majority of college students have just graduated, and migrant workers. "There are Statistics said that Beijing has 300 thousand houses intermediary army. We are an important group of rental ah! "

in Beijing, rental housing has become the first choice for many young people and working families. With the Beijing housing prices continued to rise, the rent prices have gone up. Dongzhimen near a set of 60 square metres of small Liangju ", about 4500 yuan last year, the rent is still a month now rise from month to month nearly 6000 yuan.

Wang said that the rental groups are not high wages, the vast majority of the monthly salary of 5000 yuan up and down. Even flat-share, one bedroom monthly rent will be one thousand or two thousand yuan, which means that the monthly income of less than half in rent. The young people also have to buy clothes, friends and other expenses, almost every month became "moonlight clan"".

some people forced by the central city of the high rent pressure, was forced to the development of the city periphery. In the vicinity of the work of Xuanwumen Chen Xue currently rented in Xihongmen area, take the subway line four daily commute, plus walking time, spent nearly 100 minutes on the road every day.

although live far some, but the rent per month than in Xuanwumen can save 2000. "Chen Xue said," though it is bitter, tired, but figuring it out, I will endure. "< original China Real Estate Association vice president Zhu said that to promote the development of housing rental market scale and to reduce consumer pressure to purchase cost and the transition from long-term purchase repayment pressure for short-term rental model. < p > long rent white-collar apartment bellwether cube apartment has been one step ahead, recently announced that in the background of the national policy support, is expected to 2016, the number of stores will reach 300, 2017 amounted to 600, up to 1000 in 2018. Vanke had also test the water "the rent after the first buy", the future does not rule out exploring residential itself "video simultaneously," the rent after the first sale "and other new business model. Development of the housing rental market, the natural person and all kinds of institutional investors to buy the stock of commercial housing rental, not only to enrich the supply of rental housing market, but also is expected to reduce the price of commercial housing.

how to curb the "black intermediary"?

"I just participated in the work of the time, the rental unit is a collective dormitory, so there is no intermediary in this matter. Now the new Ministry of these young people, most of them are renters, I often hear them on the intermediary some complaints and even met some black intermediary, indignation. Lu Kehua said.

to the real estate intermediary institutions and intermediary service personnel quality, you complain a lot. < p > briefing, Lu Kehua published such a figure: Beijing 2014 to more than 3 million young people of the housing situation of investigation, 43.8% of them said has encountered some bad behaviors of intermediary in the process of renting. < Beijing Municipal Construction Committee has a complaint platform, the intermediary complaints mainly has: concealment housing real situation, issued false housing information, the complete sets of residential private play partition after the rental and charges, even fraud intermediary fees and so on. < p > according to reports, live build ministry from many aspects of, standardized intermediary Housing information dissemination, and comprehensively promote the transfer of real estate network signed a contract, strengthen the real estate transaction fund supervision, strengthen the management of real estate intermediary agencies for the record, to strengthen the management of intermediary practitioners, improve credit information system, strengthen the daily supervision and inspection, standardizing and consolidating.

as a pioneer of the rental housing in Guangzhou City, the "provision" housing lease management legislation is to promote the wildly beating gongs and drums. In the draft legislation, the increase of the "online record" and the management of the housing rental business, to enhance the legal deterrent, so that the provisions of the more in line with the needs of social and management.

Guangzhou housing rental registration for an average of about 700 thousand years, the city's all rental housing has been achieved on the Internet for the record".

norms housing information issue, must be true. Intermediaries before the housing information dissemination to the trustor agree, but also to the local housing authority housing verification information can only be released. Lu Kehua said, not to false information, false prices for fishing". < p > "distant water" to "thirst"

6, reporters located in the city of Guangzhou Austrian Park Plaza Hotel style apartment sales center to see, sales staff in a hour about reception the four Kanlou passengers with the intention of investment in the hotel style apartments. From the Austrian Park extension within 3 km, dotted with more than 10 projects ongoing development and construction, belonging to different developers. < p > mantanghong chain home market of senior manager Zhou Feng said that as long as the market choose to one's liking, developers are willing to invest in rental housing market. Vigorously develop the housing rental market, help to reduce the real estate market speculation, but also help to promote the gradual return to rational prices. < p > "look at the present situation, the housing rental market urgent need to solve the problem of orderly market supervision, the buzz of the market is unable to attract investors. Zhou Feng said.

according to Lu Kehua, the state will support the development of housing rental companies from various aspects, including the registration of the law of housing rental enterprises, institutions, including individuals, to give preferential tax policies to support. Support meet the conditions of the housing rental enterprises to issue bonds, real estate securitization products, and steadily promote the real estate investment trust (REITs) pilot to expand the channels of direct financing. Improve the planning and construction and land use policy. The

must be multi pronged, not only to "distant water", also to the solution of "thirst".

some places have begun a new exploration. Shanghai last year to allow the transformation of the living room into a room, separate rental use, the industry is usually called N+1". This increase in the effective supply of small and medium sized apartment rental housing, you can properly reduce the tenant rent burden, but also conducive to the transformation of private rental housing norms.

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