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Signal wireless routing big family great God

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"what's the matter?"! Net speed 460 again? Oh dear! The regiment was destroyed! "This year, the boss, playing King glory, the most afraid of delay is" 460 "," 460 "almost equivalent to" dropped "pronoun. What is the main reason for the "460"? Not because the home WiFi coverage is not good enough, the signal is very weak in some rooms, resulting in no smooth Internet access. I believe that the WiFi signal in the home is not good, friends are often encountered, how to improve it?

home with poor coverage to solve what?

we usually at home, most of them are using mobile phone or tablet computer, laptops and other mobile devices to access the Internet, the WiFi signal has become our greatest concern. Often in the bathroom and kitchen on the edge of the living room, the wireless signal is very poor, can not smooth Internet access. Especially for large Huxing or villa users, WiFi signal coverage is a headache, wireless routers change and change, that is, can not solve the problem.

family apartment layout complex, WiFi signal signal can not cover every room in the home

poor coverage, the first reaction of most users is to replace a new wireless router. In the selection of new wireless router, a lot of friends is also holding the antenna more, the stronger the signal, I would buy a day antenna most, so that the signal must be good "mentality, until in the home that still can not solve the problem. The number of antennas is not directly related to the signal strength of wireless routers, and the transmit power and emission algorithm are the key factors that affect the signal strength of wireless routers.

" poor signal really crazy

to solve the problem of poor home WiFi coverage, Xiaobian gives three artifact: wireless repeater, cat power, wireless Mesh network (wireless mesh network). The three artifact with their magic, for users of different WiFi coverage requirement, can play to their maximum power. Then, these three great God organs are respectively how to solve the WiFi coverage problem? Let us to answer. To solve the troubles

wireless repeater large-sized apartment debut in

if most of the rooms in our house to have a good WiFi signal, only a small part of the space WiFi signal is poor, so we can choose to use the wireless repeater to solve the problem. The wireless repeater is usually deployed in the wireless router signal coverage edge, so that the original signal received by the wireless relay of the wireless router, and then transmit radio signals to the signal is not good, so that the signal difference place better.

wireless relay principle

wireless repeater is an intermediate devices connected to the wireless router and the user equipment, it receives no router signal, transmitted to the hands of the user equipment, the wireless signal so the user equipment receives the stable and strong the. Users need a wireless router signal coverage of the wireless repeater department is on the upper edge of the socket, and then simply set out, or between devices can be automatically paired, can make the wireless relay wireless network is extended to the need to cover the room.

wireless router and wireless repeater set

wireless signal repeater is existing, two times spread through their own forwarding, so as to expand the coverage of the wireless network. Very simple to use, we in the wireless router signal coverage of the wireless repeater department is on the upper edge of the socket, and then set up a simple, can make the wireless relay wireless network is extended to the need to cover the room. At present, the wireless repeater operation on the market is becoming simpler and simpler, such as the products of Tengda and other manufacturers can realize the automatic pairing function of wireless router without manual configuration.

single high-end wireless repeater

in signal strength perfect at the same time, there is a disadvantage of wireless relay. After the relay, the wireless network will have a certain rate of decline, usually reducing the wireless transmission rate by half, but it does not affect the normal Internet activity. It takes a bit of a price to fully cover where the original wireless network can't be overwritten. Another point is that when multiple devices are needed for relaying, the wireless repeater can only bridge one wireless repeater, and cannot relay the main route, thus reducing the wireless speed by layers.

decorates no cloth cable, power cat changes wire,

wireless relay solves a small part of the area, WiFi signal difficult problem. Then the combination of large-sized apartment and villa home wireless router + wireless repeater is clearly inadequate, but the rate of decline is very obvious, even to the last signal although covered, but is not on the net. Ready for this

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