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lost by inspectors escort girls pictures thanks

8 the morning of 14 August, Hefei Changqing Baohe District Street Management Center received a call for special. On the phone, a woman asks an office worker to provide a cell phone number, saying there is a photo to be issued to the inspectors.

mobile phone number sent, and a photo quickly passed over. "Chased brother, thank you."! "In the picture, a little girl, about 10 years old, held a picture in front of the camera and painted it with the words above. After seeing this strange photograph, the staff inquired in detail, and finally got to know the whole story. Originally, in the morning the little girl lost out, but fortunately was Evergreen Street inspectors patrol in time, was eventually sent home safe, sensible child asked his mother to take this picture, thanks to the help of the inspectors.

it is understood that the little girl lived in Feixi county magistrate Ting Town, the same day with her mother to visit relatives. In the process of buying ice cream alone, the girl was lost for the moment, not knowing where to go, because she was not familiar with her surroundings.

"we inspect the disposal of city appearance and environmental problems in the area at the time, in the vicinity of Qimen Lu Yao Gongcai market, I saw the little girl standing in the corner, looked around with fear, so hurry to stop asking, and don't be afraid to comfort her. "Evergreen Street management team Fang Weimin told reporters. "We saw the little girl wearing a uniform, no longer nervous fear, and told us that her relatives live in the world of Jincheng district. "Finally, under the escort of the inspectors, the little girl came to the district and found relatives according to her memory.". When the little girl came home, she told her mother what had happened to her,

. In order to express her gratitude, she wrote a word to her mother. This photo also makes the city managers moved, "this is our responsibility, not worth mentioning, but the children's behavior, inspired us to work harder and provide quality services for residents of the area.". "Fang Weimin said.

(Wang Li, Hefei evening news, ZAKER, Hefei correspondent Jiang Yuxiang)

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