Engage in interesting network: COD4 heavy plate VS original LOL season tournament Chinese team beat SKT

Lol the original game blizzard.

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life on the game, the game on the fun. Every night at 7 o'clock, Meng Da sister paper, you play the game ["7 o'clock to see" compilation]

first to start! On May 5, the League of legends MSI season invitation match of the second day, are you optimistic about the South Korean team SKT met his Waterloo, the Chinese team RNG and Taiwan the Blitz wolf clan defeat after another. Killing is "content img P" >

this season, the of faker, the results really unexpected ah ~

6, RNG and blitz wolf to against the redoubt, the two teams defeated SKT Chinese team will have what sparks do? Look forward to ~

long, air network's "godlike corps" for copying the League of legends is Tencent sued to the court. The vendor is to continue in the rhythm of the gun? Kindly reminder, copying this thing or do not play tricks in front of penguins......

to charge feelings! With this week's call of duty 13: unlimited war and the call of Duty 4 re release of the plate, FPS type game again glow. And it is said that the gunmen on the COD4 heavy plate attention even more than this year's new work. Unexpectedly is reset, the picture should be a bright spot. The Activision exposed "call of Duty 4" heavy plate vs original image contrast.

then, the question is coming. In the face of "call of Duty 4" reset will grab a series of the latest COD13 popularity? Accounted for the market? Is said to "call of duty 13" was published, many players don't like this year's shopping. Instead, it is the 4th generation of heavy plate is interested in. However, the dynamic view of Blizzard said there was no pressure. Because, both of which one is the flagship of nostalgia, and another is more fashionable more cool high-tech new content, the style is different. The most important is the COD4 re - plate is not only to sell, want to play on the need to buy the "call of duty 13: unlimited war", ah ha ha ha ha ha ha......

uncharted: Treasure Hunter "mobile games for free download, the rewards can be transferred to the God of the sea: thieves dead end". The God of the sea DLC naughty dog down: SONY's

does not contain any paid content. At the same time, the travel products "uncharted: Treasure Hunter" has shelves and Google play app store is a free puzzle action adventure travel hand, there are more than 200 puzzle players need to crack. Said the captain sully will ~

more praise, tour and the upcoming release of the mysterious waters: thieves politicos, data association. Internationally on 5 October landing PSN, can the uncharted: Treasure Hunter "many people play rewards, such as skin, cultural relics, one-time booster and other items transferred directly to the the God of the sea: thieves dead end". Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this year, there are 6 games in the world of electronic game hall of fame. On the 6th, the strong International Entertainment Museum announced 6 into the list of world electronic game hall of fame games in 2016, respectively is the GTA 3 ", the legend of Zelda, the Oregon Trail", the Sims, Sonic the hedgehog "and" Space Invaders ". And the high popularity of group of players in the "Tomb Raider", "Final Fantasy" and "my world only shortlisted candidate list... Class= img_box "

as the ninth art, the game can also be the heritage of British culture. The British government has set up a National Center for electronic games. Here, the player can not only understand the history of the game, but also to experience a variety of interactive devices. Here can say is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland game culture center ~

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the RPG the legend of candy "developers of new" hero "open test. The game has three soldiers, archers and mages occupation. Players will control a hero took up weapons to kill the monster, to gain experience points and gold, can also be through + harvest wealth ~ the game just on the Android platform released a test version that follow should be landing IOS platform.

are followed. Nintendo announced its Mobile Games "and" Animal Crossing "Fire Emblem" fall. The old hand tour of the IP to adaptation has always been cautious, and strive to from the start to allow players to play for the high quality of the game, the two IP "animal of the forest" and "Fire Emblem" is representative works, natural essence of life to fight small mill. The animals of the forest will is a free social RPG game, chapter of the flame as a strategic role play games, or for a one-time payment ~

final nature is the welfare of the atlas, send the latest issue of the goddess] [grilled Pearl TV anchor Rui Tao tragic history revealed boys play fantasy only Paoniu ~

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what "7"? Is the interest to engage in small Sao years, purpose of his disgusting, entertaining others sincerely, record the interest to engage in a wonderful day, offer the new travel hodgepodge.


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