When the airliner landed, a man was found on the landing gear

Miami USA the daily mail Hawaii

tankedili· 2017-08-16 02:34:16

" according to the "Daily Mail" reported on August 15th, on Saturday (12 days), the Airbus A321 flying from Dominica to Miami (1026 flights) found a stowaway, he was hiding in the landing plane the.

reported that the man hiding on the landing gear was arrested after the plane landed. At that time, he was in a semi coma and recovered from medical treatment. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau spokesman Mike Silva said Monday that the man is the dominicans. After treatment, it will be repatriated.

" from Dominica to Miami flight takes nearly 2 hours, the illegal immigrants before the landing gear compartment in the low temperature hypoxia for so long. The plane took off at the beginning, because the tire and the hydraulic pipe and heat, the man rely on this heat to maintain, but quickly dissipate heat, before the landing gear compartment to low temperature below zero, and the high altitude hypoxia, the man gradually lost consciousness in a coma. As the plane lowered its altitude and increased its temperature and oxygen, the man returned to consciousness but was still in a coma.

" earlier, also had a number of illegal immigrants hiding in the landing gear compartment in the event ---1947 to 1993 had found 5 people; in October 2007, a 27 year old man hiding in the landing gear cabin to illegally from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in April 2014; a 16 year old boy from California to Hawaii airliner in hiding for more than 5 hours. Reported that hiding in the landing gear cabin is very dangerous, when the aircraft reaches 10000 feet (3048 meters) high, will enter the cold hypoxia, people will lose consciousness, which is likely to be fatal.

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