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Author: Kris, the public number: Kris (ID:krisgtd) on the road, after the 85 child / father / Accounting Dr. /500 strong central enterprises / marathon runner, 3 years to accompany the child to read 300 books / 10 500 offer/2 for half a year Kaobo months /1 months lost 20 pounds. This article is authorized by the author. The


experience psychological skills

Chairman Mao said: a person doing a good deed is not difficult, the difficulty is only good for a lifetime.

also said in a word, "it is not difficult for a man to be disciplined for a day, but it is difficult to be disciplined all his life.".

people are in a state of ups and downs unless they are robots.

those who seem to be very self disciplined, always have a few days to crash and fall each month.

below is the breakdown guide for self discipline. Please accept this bowl of poison.

1", "class=", "look at yourself", etc..

short, big tight, said, people usually overestimate their own, deep thought.

and self-discipline, the most afraid of is to overestimate themselves.

, 24 hours a day, is eager to let himself go every second. He lists all kinds of plans, tasks and goals......

, I want to work hard, I want to study hard, I want to do a good workout, I want it, I want it! The results of

, column program when I feel really TM full, can really to the implementation of the time, dumbfounded, then self disciplined person can not complete the task more than their own ability limit,

and self-discipline, instantly collapse.

2, hit the south wall and never looked back.

self-discipline of people, there is always a property: persistent, persistent, not to the end of the purpose of death.

but the problem is, some people's goals are simply wrong, you choose the wrong direction, and then how to go, it can not reach the destination ah.

high school, you like the arts, but you say, I do not believe in evil, I have to prove myself in science! The

should avoid weaknesses, but chose to follow their disadvantages of rivalry abuse, the results of

, you really proved himself, not really,

had his underground field. Thus, the self disciplined instant collapse.

3", and "self-discipline" as "panacea", only want to accomplish everything at once.

self free, one word you have to place to explode.

as long as self-discipline, the world is mine!

you imagine yourself, by Superman's self-discipline, step by step on top of your life.

imagination is beautiful, but reality is cruel.

every pinnacle of life is not easy,

breath not to eat fat, meal hungry can not become thin, the hungry three, the stomach didn't go down, but bloated.

"rely on, what self-discipline is free, that is in the fairy tale cheat."! "

had never leave the pot, you lie, obediently eat three meals a day and night night to relax.

then, the self disciplined, instantly collapsed.

4, afraid of loneliness, self-discipline will inevitably collapse,

afraid of loneliness, a bit inaccurate, should not stand alone.

you have to review the exam, someone else called you to play,

, you throw the book, go out of the red dust.

you want to weight-loss a word, others ask you to go to supper,

you to pour out of cereal, red dust.

you have to go to bed early and get up early, others call you "King pesticide",

, you open the phone, red dust at home.

must be self disciplined and must be lonely. If you can't stand loneliness, the self-discipline will collapse instantly.

5", will be hit, not to scold

is the best state of self-discipline, self-discipline become a habit, not by your willpower. Strength of will is limited, one less at a time.

and do a thing, especially a difficult task, a big event, can never be plain sailing.

and self-discipline on the road, the most afraid of is unable to stand the blow. Three advice for the young

Ren Zhengfei, one of the important one: live a little rough, to withstand the blow, if the nerve is too fragile, will fall into a "surface ease anxiety" state.

6, no sleep.

everyone is different, some people are born workaholic, energetic.

but for ordinary people, sleep should never be less. This is especially true for an ordinary self disciplined person.

always have students and I said, I also learned you sleep every 5 or 6 hours, but every day I have dizzy spells, I is not impossible to do self-discipline?

hey, put the cart before the horse!

self-discipline doesn't mean you don't sleep. Think carefully. The one or two hours you used to sleep out, did

really get down to business?

don't think about it. I guess you're playing with your cell phone.

couldn't sleep well, but for over a week, the self-discipline collapsed instantly.

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