23 tons of fake cosmetics checked, including innisfree...

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xiandaikuaibao· 2017-08-16 06:15:43

people who like the seas scouring foreign cosmetics are careful!

yesterday, the police in Jiangsu, Xuzhou province held a news conference and announced a case of special manufacture and sale of counterfeit brand cosmetics. The case involving more than ten provinces and cities nationwide, cheated 1 million 300 thousand passengers, involving up to 200 million yuan!

" according to the Xuzhou police, in January last year, police received a public warning, people buy from the Internet to find some cosmetics, but the quality is not good, suspected to be fake . Police will these cosmetics to the relevant departments for identification, and finally found that really fake.

" immediately instructed the police found the Taobao shop is located in Nanjing, and the shop owner Chen control. In Chen's shop, a large number of counterfeit cosmetics searched.

" police seized on the spot standard value about 200000 yuan counterfeit cosmetics . Through Chen's purchase channels further combed, the police quickly found the line, Zhang Li, Suqian.

police, Zhang Mouli a year of fake cosmetics sales have about 20000000 yuan , and her cosmetics unified delivery from a warehouse in Qingdao.

through a large number of investigations, visits, and eventually, police found a warehouse located in Qingdao. This dozens of square rooms, filled with counterfeit cosmetics. , the house of Innisfree Edith makeup brand impressively!

" through the warehouse sales supervisor of interrogation, the police found, in Qingdao, such as the warehouse, a total of 16, a total of more than 20 tons of , the police hired 4 large flatbed truck pull back . After the Brand Company to identify cosmetics seized, these cosmetics worth about 10000000 yuan.

soon, a selling fake foreign brand cosmetics black chain surfaced. Subsequently, the suspect, Jia and Li and other 5 major criminal suspects were arrested.

originally, the suspect Jiamou, during the study to engage in purchasing genuine abroad, but because of the customs inspection efforts, purchasing profit space, Jiamou in foreign purchase samples and semi-finished production of fake cosmetics, and then sent to the domestic processing, the Qingdao warehouse to the national .

Jiamou said, started 4 pencil cost, then 3 5, his production and sales of fake brand cosmetics, profit rate reached about 300% .

" followed by the police in the country, they have been sold fake cosmetics were recovered. as of now, the police arrested a total of 47 suspects, and seized 23 tons of counterfeit cosmetics, involving up to 200 million yuan.

according to the police, these victims involved in more than half of China, has 23 provinces and cities, preliminary statistics, about 1 million 300 thousand of online shoppers have bought these fakes . At present, the case is still under trial.

is not affixed to a foreign label is genuine,

likes the sea Amoy must be careful!

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