Why are these famous APP icons all blue?

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aifaner· 2017-08-16 08:36:29

" as the color of the sky is blue, the color of the sea is blue, Alipay and hungry app icon color is blue. Why is blue so nice? Why so many app's main colors are blue?

WeChat public AppSo today share this article, take you into the blue world, learn the story behind the blue.

you have found that many icons are blue, such as Alipay, hungry, App Store, Safari, LinkedIn and so on. There is no doubt that blue is one of the most important and frequently used colors in UI design.

so here comes the question. Why is blue so popular?

in fact, there are many reasons. Nick Babich lists 7 main reasons:

1. users like blue

, according to survey data, most people like blue. Blue is also the safest color on a global scale.

"color preference" is an indispensable part of the visual experience of a part of the

" in different countries and regions in the eyes of the people of the 2. blue color preferences and the nature of the harmonious blending of

see the blue. We always can't help to associate it with clear water and clear sky. We all like nature, so we don't need any reason to like blue.

no Laxia and solitary duck, still the beautiful autumn day long look, and wonders. 3. UI designer's "first color"

, from the point of view of the UI designer, is blue useful or useful in addition to ?. Many of the colors in the designer's box, such as red, orange, and green, have been labelled as "passion, vitality, and safety.". So it's not surprising that blue has become a designer's pet.

4. to

innovative companies favored by all kinds of usually blue, blue, reason is also reminiscent of technology and innovation.


gives people a sense of security in the tourism industry, whether it is online website or app, blue are very common. Blue represents reliability, which is good for companies in this industry.

Delta Airlines official website 6. to make products more reliable

products, often need to convince users, allowing users to trust your products. adding blue to the product is the first step to proving the reliability of the product to the user.

, such as DELL, IBM, AT&T, and PayPal, have all made full use of blue to deliver information about product reliability to their users. Their products, who use who say yes.

" blue gives a sense of balance, but also has a calming characteristic. As a result, many companies in the financial field use blue. 7., there is no pressure on the weak "seeing" group, and

's primary weak sight group (red blindness and green blindness) can recognize blue easily. if you use red or green, that acid is cool, who knows who?.

", "class=", "look", "group", color. Here is the color display under normal conditions. Here is the color of the eyes of the weak "see" group. The main color of

Facebook (blue is also secretly gossip about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the hard red green, but this did not affect his candidacy for president of the United States.). Zuckerberg added: "for me, blue is the most abundant and full color. It really is in front of me.". Conclusion

, hopefully through this article, you'll see why blue is so popular in the design circle. But if you want to change your app or your main color to blue now, this is not within the scope of my article.

blue is not the best color in the world. After all, there is no best color in the world.

looks good on this site or on app, and maybe somewhere else doesn't look good. For safety reasons, choose colors according to the preferences of the target user.

after all, the most appropriate color in the design depends on what color the user likes.

thank you!

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