"Saints" spirit "sequel chaos agent" ban, "mostly from the game player"

Saints players chaos agents games

17173youxi· 2017-08-16 14:49:45

"saints" Silver "series developer Deep Volition new chaos agent" has officially lifted the ban, this is "saints" series of spiritual sequel, and share the same view of the world, also some similar style screen etc..



" chaos agents using this as a group of three games, the default will be to provide game player three agents for teams, with the to promote the process at present most game player can unlock 12 agents, each agent will have different skills, props and ability. At the same time, the game also contains level settings, and, like the saints in the underworld, have rich custom options.

" ("chaos" agents listed propaganda film)

the same, this is to "saints" has a great sense of humour, each special work distinctive speech and deportment. At the same time, the game provides a detailed level of difficulty for players who like to challenge.

" in the evaluation, game player is commonly thought game brilliant special effects and cartoon style is very interesting, but the game itself is fairly good optimization. The variety of characters, skills and weapons ensure sufficient gameplay, "game skills, guns feel like the watch vanguard."".

"it makes me feel like I'm playing the TPS version of" watch pioneer ". I don't like" watch pioneer ". But according to the "

game player feedback, as long as you love" saints "series, you have no reason to miss this work; if you want to find some recreation, this should also be a good choice. The only regret is that this will not support Chinese for the time being.

"saints saints" developers new "chaos agents" has been lifted today, the game evaluation "most praise", the current national price of 179 yuan, interested players can click on the link below to understand the start.

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