White is not the zhangpingzhizhan favourite work, the national disabled


qulishi· 2017-08-16 17:39:37

from the Warring States period as the four star of the first Qin led the campaign for many years, crippled many countries, completely changed the military balance in this time, laid a solid foundation for the ultimate reunification of the world. But today, we brought the white, more is to remember the battle of Changping, and the history of his to kill the demon known.

zhangpingzhizhan four white body, no matter what you say is a very complete victory, but for ares White said it wasn't him the favourite work.

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in the white military career in many countries is the disabled, but it is the favourite work Chu war.

said further history of Chu Bai Qi took little soldier, a road kill, even war countless, conquered Chu's capital, so that the king was forced to move the capital.

but the old Fu do not understand one thing, that is from the battle of Chu how much soldiers, history seems to have no clear records, like the war, as recognized the killers from actually killed many people do not know from the same, became a mystery.

we see once described white shuaibing of Chu and Qin an exchange, said Chu Qinzhao Wang on the big things, stretching thousands of miles, they have to invest at least four million million, Qin forces they will have a chance to win. But the white do not think so, he believes that Chu is the land area, scattered strength, although millions of people, but it is easy to crush one by one.

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