Heavy rain, roads, water, traffic police, two legs as "ruler.""

Rainstorm engine Nanjing Zhongshan

mengniujituanzongcai· 2017-08-16 22:03:42

Modern Express News (correspondent reporter Wang Rui Dai Bei Jason real Jiusheng) August 16th morning, Nanjing Jiangbei a sudden rainstorm to invade, the topography of gap, resulting in Nanjing ten Traffic Police Brigade area Wang Xin Road and Park Road West extension line intersection formed a large area of water.

" due to the estimation of water, individual way vehicles with a heavy foot, trying to cross sections of water, the nose broke down. Behind the car to stay in front of the car did not dare to move forward, the backlog of serious vehicles. See this situation, the ten brigade in charge of Zhongshan Science Park area captain Shao Qi, after receiving the police situation, immediately lead the auxiliary police rushed to the scene. In order to help the vehicle passing vehicles, pedestrians have to pass, Shao Qi rolled up trousers wade in the water height measurement, found the deepest over the knee, one does not pay attention to the vehicle crossing will be flooded the engine, only turn around.

" then, Shao Qi led the police side patiently explain to the driver, a command vehicle from one by one with shallow water. But even so, there are still owners dare not forward, he had to stand in the water, and use their legs as a "ruler", visual tell the owner of the U-turn height of water. Some owners do not hit the south wall will not die, regardless of the police to stop, continue to move forward, the results were anchored, trapped, police and other owners of the joint effort to help push the car out of the water.

, the traffic police to remind the driver, driving in the water to stop even off observation, such as through observation, high water level, should try to bypass, not forced by. In addition, the rapid passing through the splash, it is likely to enter the engine into the air hole, or splash into the storage battery and other key electrical appliances, causing the vehicle flameout damage, should be low gear, high and medium speed through. Be careful not to travel with the big car to reverse the wave. Once the water is out of flame, it can not start immediately.

(edit Liu Wei)

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Heavy rain, roads, water, traffic police, two legs as "ruler.""

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