When the man caught a cold drink in the middle of the night, he also covered 22 ice cream bars

Suspects Chongqing Z

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police arrested the suspect when he found a large number of ice cream, ice cream. Police for map

Hualong network at 15:50 on August 16th (reporter que que) Chongqing people Liu in seven Gang do a little business. Recently, he found that items in the store were stolen, not stolen cigarettes and alcohol, all cold drinks, ice cream.

"police comrade, I'm going to call the police. Some drinks and ice cream are stolen from my shop.". "At the beginning of August, Yuzhong District Qixinggang area police station received a roadside stall Liu report, said the morning open found the door lock had been broken, some drinks and ice cream stolen. The boss told the police, a few days ago, the store also stolen some drinks, because the amount is small, there is no alarm.

received a report, the police immediately retrieved the people Skynet Skynet video surveillance, found that a man in the wee hours to this store implementation of the theft.

according to the police surveillance video, careful analysis of crime law judge the crime suspect, Mopai Dunshou, recently at 5 in the morning will be just another cold store theft suspect was caught, and found more than 20 stolen from the ice cream carry canvas bag.

" when this roadside stalls theft suspects. The police for map

after the interrogation, the suspect man surnamed Li, Chongqing, Rongchang, more than 30 years old. Since July, Lee evening hot can't sleep, want to drink drinks to quench their thirst, he found a roadside stall no guard, only a wooden door is locked, the screwdriver directly used to carry the wooden pry into the implementation of theft, theft from the stalls of a cold drink more than 20 bottles and more than 10 branches of ice cream.

then tasted the sweetness of Li's hair and went out of hand. For more than 10 days, Lee drank drinks and went around the stalls to steal drinks and ice cream. Because of the small losses, vendors, shop owners almost do not report. Until one of the stores was stolen two times later, the store owner found something wrong, reported to the public security organs, the police work before the suspect Lee successfully captured.

interrogation, Lee repeatedly pleaded guilty to the theft of the crime confessed. At present, Lee has been under criminal detention of public security organs.

police told reporters, after a visit to verify the suspect Lee 4 times in front of theft is 100 yuan of drinks and ice cream, the last 22 ice cream value tens of dollars, 5 times the theft of a total of more than 500 yuan. In accordance with the law, the suspect Lee's behavior belongs to many thefts within two years, has been purchased as theft, according to law should be held criminally responsible.

police remind businesses, after leaving the shop, you should carefully check whether the doors and windows locked, conditional installation of alarm networking system. If you encounter stolen items in the shop, you should call the police first and protect the scene. Don't give up the police because of the small losses, which will only encourage the arrogance of the criminals.

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