Want a beautiful girl head? Here is a artifact that helps you achieve your dreams


youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-17 05:23:10

there are a lot of friends love with two dimensional girl image as their head, such as the following friends, with Poli as the head of

< /p> if you push the role, then he / she is a natural picture yes, but it is sometimes easy to crash. This painting bigwigs can give himself an original picture, so it can solve the problem, but can't draw, you may come up with this: "img_box

" at this time, this is the "MakeGrils.moe" project to play a role when it just a few points, as long as the button can be randomly generated to ensure the beautiful girl, not heavy like:

"MakeGrils.moe" of the project at the end of the Comic Market 92 (C92) on debut, characterized in that the automatic generation of a variety of beautiful girls head it you can use the artificial intelligence technology. And the project's main head, Yanghua Jin, or a student at Fudan University.

software allows players to customize their hair color, hair style, pupil color, facial expression, whether to have blush, smile, mouth, dress, you can also choose hats, glasses, hair band and so on. For example, you want a black long straight, instantly came out:

"MakeGrils.moe" strength lies in him the same as the two-dimensional code below what "Current Noise", when you randomly you want style, you can this code is preserved. If you lock the "Noise", after the girl will be randomly generated this style:

" is not like the same company, the same as the role?

of course, this software also has some problems, such as when we choose when many elements, some elements are often not the whole show out:

select glasses, but no

sometimes portraits will become blurred:


" just a few more tests, always find their own style". If you want to change your head now, you can try it at once!


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