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iWeeklyzhoumohuabao· 2016-05-07 10:39:46

London's new mayor election in May 5th kicked off, after the voters to vote, Sadiq • Khan Sadiq victory, London has welcomed the first Muslim mayor in history. What is interesting is that this year, the mayor of London election is a grassroots fight with the rich.

Sadiq & bull London

from North London at the University of North London) legal professional after graduation, he became the a human-rights lawyer, challenges a lot about racism and police brutality case. After he gave up his career as a lawyer, the campaign became a member of Parliament constituency Labour Party figure. After entering Congress, Sadiq • Khan was promoted very quickly, in Gordon • Brown, who led the government in serving the Minister of communications, became the first Muslim minister to participate in the cabinet meeting.

Sadiq & rsquo; sweat Muslim, in human rights organizations "freedom" (Liberty) served as counsel for the three years, once with extremists have had contact. These factors become rivals Zack & rsquo; Goldsmith's main target of attack, questioning his faith to Islamic extremists "bring oxygen and cover", in a number of occasions will Sadiq & rsquo; sweat Muslim identity and Islamic extremists provided and theory. In the moment of rampant Islamic extremists, these allegations can not help but make the London public some concerns about security issues. But the London population of 8 million 600 thousand about 1 million Muslims, they Sadiq Khan • the support of a trend which cannot be halted. Mutations

but Godwin & rsquo; archives of Smith's life is not perfect, at Eton had because in the dormitory possession of banned drugs and fired, even after the University didn't finish, but around travel. Zach & rsquo; goldsmith is a veteran environmentalist, worked in relatives have monthly journal the ecologist (the Ecologist) as editor, 2010 elected London Guoshi full Park (Richmond Park conservative members of Congress. Not the primary route to

Zach apparently walked he will voters attention to home tax rate, commitment if win election commission for four consecutive years the implementation of the family of low tax policy. At the same time, he also announced that it will build 50000 homes in 2020 to ease the difficult problem of housing in london. However, he had a violent attack on Sadiq &bull, which led to a negative comment on the outside world, saying he was split among the people in the city of London by the belief that he was a wealthy elite from the masses.

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if, in spite of the personal factors of the two candidates and external objective conditions also affect the mayoral election of important factors. London is said to be a labor City, 73 members of Parliament in 45 from the labour party. In 2015, the British general election, the Labour Party has also occupied the advantage of the london constituency: the Labour Party won 1 million 550 thousand of the vote, while the conservative party received 1 million 230 thousand votes.

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