What's the difference between playing an instrument and not learning an instrument? 4 years later, the gap is too obvious

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wave in the background I asked mother: do you want to give the children learn musical instruments, culture art cell?

whether or not to cultivate art cells, it depends on the family economy, children's interests, a comprehensive decision, after all, the future may be a bottomless pit. But under the conditions permit, I suggest learning it.

because a study has found that learning musical instruments is essentially different from children who do not play musical instruments after 4 years!

of the Harvard University has done a study, they found 5~7 year old children, in continuous learning instruments (group A) and didn't learn musical instruments (B group) of the 2 groups.

4 years later, the researchers scanned their brains and found that musical instruments (group A) were thicker than the brain without learning the instrument (group B)!

cortical thickness determines cognitive ability, that is to say, children who learn musical instruments have more cognitive abilities than children who do not study musical instruments! The conclusion of

" by researchers confirmed that they found those who learned the instrument's child, 4 years after the start, in the study generally showed good, some children also has strong expertise.

reasoned, these children will learn musical instruments so good, probably for these reasons:


through the sound exercise of the strong focus

learning a musical instrument, to listen to the pitch, otherwise it will affect their learning, so the children have to learn the instrument into the largest concentration, to determine the pitch. For a long time, they exercised their ability to concentrate and concentrate.

, who have these 2 abilities, also subconsciously use other things, which allows them to gain more and become better overall than those who are prone to distraction! The coordination ability of

" hand and brain is very prominent

we all know, a musical instrument in the process, not only need to watch music, also need to use your fingers to play.

this brain coordination exercises, but also to these children hands-on ability. When you want to do something, you have a strong executive power, but also have the ability to do coordination. That's another reason why these kids are good.

so, I suggest that if the conditions permit, let the children seriously learn a musical instrument.

" but one thing to note is that some instruments are not suitable for children of different ages, or for immature children, is a kind of great harm.

generally recommends:

violin, piano, electronic organ, Jo Kerry Lee: 4~6 years old.

guzheng: 5~6 years old.

pipa, Cello and erhu: 5~8 years old.

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