Sagittarius weight loss method

Sagittarius weight loss method

hulianwang· 2017-08-17 14:06:28

Sagittarius lives the optimist, and Sagittarius is also twelve constellation in challenger, they are often love love adventure challenge, Sagittarius people no matter what or what people will want to take the initiative of the. Is your sign also Sagittarius? Do you know what kind of weight loss method is available for Sagittarius in this character?

, 射手座的减肥方法

1., Sagittarius, MM, the most suitable way to lose weight,

Obesity Type: sitting around, thighs are prone to obesity, horseshoe type.

personality: freedom, is a super optimist, exaggerate the facts, but impulsive personality is upright, curiosity and love is not constrained, outdoor activities, full of go.

obesity reason: probably because Sagittarius dominates the hips and thighs, so Sagittarius friends are prone to “ Horseshoe fat ”. If you take a closer look at Sagittarius's friends, you will also find that he / she has a lower nose than &rdquo, which is prone to &ldquo!

the key to challenging your weight: be sure to schedule enough exercise time on your schedule! A vegetarian diet and extreme suffering stomach, fasting is not for you, it will lead to a short period of time to slim down and rebound quickly.

use your advantages: more energetic, connected you time and friends, may wish to dinner to team sports, swimming, table tennis, badminton sports are good, don't go and finished eating and drinking!

weight-loss methods recommend:

1. re adjust the pace of life, reducing all eating and drinking, entertainment, leaving time to exercise.

2. sometimes, you easily forgive yourself, you will think: temporary rest for one or two days should be ok. Never do that, or no one can save you.

3. away from all the friends who like to eat and drink, it is best to temporarily break up with them or human evaporation.

2. Sagittarius diet

action is very active, hate people job, independent and strong, a rich intellectual, to devote himself to work, but also consists of the wild, is a strong heart and sign of ebullience. In the shape of the body, well-developed limbs are the characteristics of most people in Sagittarius, and most of them are also lucky people who don't eat fat. Like travel, sports, basketball, tennis, badminton to have covered, all the space in the home can be a place where is the fitness, such as doing sit ups and dance at home. Sagittarius fitness is produced, travel should be one of their most love of leisure, sports, and adequate sleep and rest. Sagittarius is on weekdays, should be the best way to take a break out of physical consumption. Weight loss method of

3. are the most Sagittarius woman love what

diet Sagittarius woman love most is running, they love the kind of sweat feeling, and the scenery along the way and people will make a Sagittarius woman feel relaxed and happy. A Sagittarius woman both in order to lose weight, or for other reasons, even just want to come out, will think of running, running to give a power forward, focused on the road ahead, all around all is in a hurry to flash, feeling is very wonderful.

summary: the shooter's favorite way to lose weight is to run, because the archer girls like to feel relaxed and happy, so it is more appropriate to enjoy the surrounding scenery while running.

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