Once the international supermodel Li Yapeng, former girlfriend, but now sallow complexion, body fat

Li Yapeng international supermodel

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1991 ""

1996 years, Qu Ying in Zhang Yimou's first modern metropolis theme movie "have words to say well" as the female lead, in the film played an ordinary city girl and because of this movie, she also participated in the Venice Film Festival, Hawaii Film Festival, the London Film Festival, the starting point is high.

Qu Ying to the identity of the "International supermodel" debut of or first boarded the impurities "vogue" and "fashion Cosmo" Chinese actress. Because of Zhang Yimou's "have a word to say", become the most fashionable "seeking girl"". Then she starred in the TV drama "true confession" and the bid farewell to the truth ", a crowd pleasing, viewing all the way Piaohong. Style= >

2013, Qu Ying spares no efforts to subvert the image recording a variety show great coffee, don't fear from the black, she not only make the audience laugh, but also to let everyone see her brilliant side. This is the Qu Ying -- A has never been beset with star aura, Xpress,, easy-going, regardless of the fame and fortune, live with the really me free and easy life of true temperament woman. Also gives us an insight into the most beautiful years of Qu Ying, in the side of the bustling bright light such as the era of the book she just quietly listening to wind and rain in the world is enough to make all things be moved.

2014 years, Qu Ying and Wu Xiubo, Eric Tsang co starred in "my youth high eight degrees," and she played a strong Cheerleading Coach Yan Su in the play, and well received by the audience favorite. Style= >

Qu Ying and Li Yapeng had a relationship, but two people in 2000 officially open, in 2001 broke up.

2005 years of, Qu Ying to shoot for the album's title song MTV, which has a song called "turn the clock back twenty years", have suggested that Zhang Yadong's temperament is consistent with the image of the male protagonists in MTV, Qu Ying then test a consult Zhang Yadong's ideas, Zhang Yadong soon promised to come down. After several consecutive music exchange, Qu Ying and Zhang Yadong have found each other more advantages and strengths, in a tacit understanding of the spark of love. Qu Ying and Zhang Yadong naturally established the relationship between the couple.

now 45 years old Qu Ying repeatedly in the public places and the airport was photographed sallow complexion, facial swelling, body fat, very distressed. It is the enemy of women after all the time ah. Style= text-align:center "

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