Bhutan media denounced the Indian Army: the destruction of diplomatic relations is suffocating

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micaihujunshi· 2017-08-17 17:30:35

" original title: Bhutan media denounced the Indian Army invasion Chinese: destruction in diplomatic relations stifling

overseas network in August 17, since the outbreak of the Sino Indian border conflict, India has been the pretext of "protection in Bhutan", for cross-border China territory "name", even to Bhutan army instead of the Indian army and the Chinese confrontation, but on domestic Bhutan do not seem to buy it, frequently face the Indian army. Bhutan news 16, published an article entitled "caught in the Giants game, Bhutan held their breath" article, once again exposed the hypocrisy in the confrontation between China and India, India "".

article said that in mid June of this year, Chinese began to build a road in the Sikkim section of the border area of India China Dong Lang, unexpectedly sent troops and bulldozers to stop illegal invasion, the Indian Army led Chinese and Indian armies began a few days of confrontation, until now has not ended.

argued that, more than half a century ago, the government of India accepted the so-called "protection" of Bhutan, and the government of Bhutan accepted it. But the confrontation between China and India has intensified the discontent of the people of India to Bhutan, Bhutan people suspect India move for fear of losing Bhutan this strategic buffer, and attempting to stop the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bhutan and China, strengthen trade.

also pointed out that India's claim to prevent China from building roads in the cave was to represent the interests of Bhutan, but in Bhutan, no one was moved. On the contrary, many Bhutanese believe that India's "embrace of protectionism" has been stifled.

in Bhutan business travel agency business Peima (Pema Tashi), the China complain that there is no direct flight and bhutan. He believes that India's move is to undermine diplomatic relations between the two countries, not to open direct flights. "We have tried our best to protect the interests of big brother (India), but they still feel that if we are close to China, we will not rely on them so much.". "

" Bhutan has everything sovereignty, this is the crux of the matter, "as one of the critics accused India of the interference of Bhutan, Bhutan before publishing houses and commercial and industrial business director Wangcha Sangey said," the Bhutanese people have the right to choose the life we want, we want to have the right to development of diplomatic relations. "The

article said, on the surface, the hole is Chinese and Lang Bhutan's disputed area, but the strategic importance of this area is that it is called India" chicken neck ", will be China perennial worry control zone. India sent troops across the border into the cave in June 16th to stop China from building roads, but the move in India was not a must for bhutan. Although China has repeatedly urged India to withdraw, but the Indian army not only ignored the request of China at the front to strengthen military deployment. "People are more worried about India than China," the Bhutanese people said in an interview with foreign journalists in. Some say India's "invasion" may lead to a result of years of border negotiations that have destroyed Bhutan and China's efforts to prevent closer economic ties between the two countries.

Bhutan's desire to establish close ties with China is partly due to economic interests, and tourism is one of Bhutan's largest industries besides shuttle trade. Indians have no choice but to sign into Bhutan, but the Chinese must pay a minimum of $250 a day for travel to bhutan. Even so, last year, except for India, Chinese tourists went to Bhutan for the first time ever more than any other country.

had many Bhutanese media exposed the true Indian army attempted to cross the border illegally to the outside world, said the conflict involved area is Chinese and Bhutan border dispute with India area, has nothing to do, but this incident shows that India tried to intervene in the region dispute. Bhutan's media have also accused India of using an "iron fist" policy to block border negotiations between the two countries by controlling Bhutan's economy.

Dorji, Minister of foreign affairs of Bhutan, met with the foreign minister of India 11, and made his official statement on the Sino Indian confrontation for the first time, saying that he hoped that the situation in the cave could be resolved peacefully and amicably. Dorji added that both sides should be happy with the outcome.

India army in mid June had a military confrontation in the border area of Sikkim section of long hole, deadlock still continues, although China has repeatedly urged India to withdraw India, there are many domestic media and netizens called for withdrawal, sound and maintaining regional peace and stability, the government of India has always been ignored. The "position" in the India border border crossing into the territory of the Sikkim section of Chinese Chinese facts and document released

China before the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Indian army illustrated the cross-border incident truth to the international community, a comprehensive exposition of the position of the government Chinese. And warned India that China's territorial sovereignty should not be infringed. Don't expect India China will take their own territorial sovereignty to do business, do not underestimate the Chinese government and people's determination to defend the territorial sovereignty, don't underestimate the determination and will Chinese army to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

China will take all necessary measures and measures, including force, to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state without being infringed upon. To remind India, it is better not to make a strategic misjudgment, and China has never made compromises on national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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