Baby Su Yan headlines were net fake

Angelababy ZA

gaifanyule· 2017-08-17 20:56:16

angelababy yesterday, micro-blog update story, skin white beauty in the picture she just blowing my hair, with the text: "haven't met in a long time, the hair dry, good night! "Today the topic #angelababy makeup # successfully grabbed the headlines!

" for a time, angelababy fans all praise such as "makeup come in a throng, very beautiful, very good looking super girl". But at the same time, a large number of users have also come up against fake, drying out the angelababy true color photos, called false!

" this is the headline angelababy makeup. Although angelababy himself never said this is a plain face, but after blowing the hair to sleep, and generally do not bring makeup, so with the direct say that the color is not bad.

, but is this really a face color? A big wave of netizens stand up to crack down on counterfeit goods!

"cheat me again is the makeup, her makeup you not seen" and "the high light shadow what all don't do, she went to the identification of cosmetic makeup does not seem so … …

" open content related to almost all the contents of this comment. Net friend the main basis for counterfeiting is angelababy go to the hospital to identify themselves, no plastic surgery, there is no make-up of the real Su yan!

, there are net friends simply direct drying out at the time of the photos, photos of the color Yan angelababy long so! Angelababy version of

before and after two color photos, which one do you think is more realistic?

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