The woman fled is found hundreds of cosmetic fraud

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huanqiuwang· 2017-08-17 21:05:14

recently, the base package bayonet in the city of Zhangjiagang, police seized a suspected fraud escape the woman, however, when the police checked the identity of the other documents, I found her passport and don't like, how is this going?

in the morning, Zhangjiagang package based bayonet duty police found a suspicious car. Police stepped forward questioning, and found that the driver Ding suspicion of fraud by the police Internet wanted, but let the police on duty accident is that this Ding looks, but not the same as the wanted woman.

then, the police will bring back to investigate, and asked, Ding admitted that he had tried to cover up his crime through cosmetic surgery. It turned out that in June this year, Ding and the victim signed an agreement, claiming that people can help Thailand surrogacy, and received three hundred thousand yuan in cash each other.

, however, Ding has delayed the performance of the contract, and finally even people can not find, the victim found himself cheated. And at this point, Ding did not idle, she came up with a reason to cheat another friend about 1000000. After the success of fraud in

, Ding cheated the money to do facial surgery, thought it was another person, you can escape punishment, who knows the ultimate escape from the net of justice.

currently, Ding suspicion of fraud by the police under criminal detention.

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