Su -34 bomber: close contact with the vampire platypus"

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, Russia's famous military photographer, Vitaly Kuzmin, released a group of photos he had taken at the Moscow airshow, including photos of the Su -34 "platypus" fighter bomber.

Su -34 formerly known as Su -27IB, is developed by the Russian Sukhoi fighter bomber. Su -27IB first flew in April 1990, plans to replace the Su -24 fighter bomber and Su -25 attack aircraft. Russian

100th Su -34 offline local people celebrate their visit:

Su -34 fighter bomber production line: the

video parallel two seater design the Russian Air Force Su -34 fighter bomber flight

Su -34 head, the shape is flat like a duck.

Su -34 wing and fuselage, there are 12 external points, can be 8 tons of conventional weapons, ammunition or guided munitions.

", this is the boarding gate at the rear of the landing gear, and push back the hatch above to get into the cockpit.

, high explosive bombs hung on the composite pylons below the wing.

" this Su -34 is hanging over the state of the engine nacelle hanging below the space missile wing hung supersonic anti-ship missiles, conventional bomb and missile.

" also featured a su -34 is a relaxed, note the numbers behind the logo, this is a heroic fighter named in russia.

", and "Su -34" looks a bit more new.

", "duck wing", downward deflection.

, Su, -34, huge coccyx.

" at present, the Russian Air Force has been equipped with more than 100 Su -34 fighter bombers, and the number is still increasing.

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