Crazy economic war with China? Finish saying and run!

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huanqiuwang· 2017-08-18 09:17:44

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[Global Times special correspondent in the United States Hou Jianyu Global Times special correspondent Chen Yan] "in the United States have China and economic war? "At least, the White House chief strategist Bannon think so. 16, local time, he told the left-wing magazine "American lookout" reporter, said, "economic warfare with China is everything.". "We have to be crazy to focus on this," said North korea. The remarks were clearly more fiery than the memorandum of investigation on China signed by President Trump a few days ago. However, the situation is considered in the White House has been very careful of Bannon quickly denied this interview. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said 17 days, and now can not verify the authenticity of the report. But the Chinese hope that the people concerned should not look at or try to solve the twenty-first Century problem in nineteenth Century and twentieth Century.

this interview was written by "American lookout" reporter Robert Kuttner. Bannon said in an interview, "if we continue to account for the wind, I think 5 years, up to 10 years, the United States will reach the inflection point will never stand up". Bannon China speak out against the "expansionary", said "we are playing an economic war and China. One side will become the overlord in 25 or 30 years, and if we continue to follow the old road, then they will be the overlord". American CNBC website reported that Trump had "fire and fury" threat, said North Korea Bannon in the interview said that North Korea's nuclear threat there is no military solution options, "forget it". The United States

"Outlook", for the United States should take a tougher policy on bilateral trade and investment field, Bannon scheme is used "301 law" in terms of trade in 1947 to deal with the forced transfer of technology companies in China, and put forward the appeal of steel and aluminum products dumping. "For them, we will win at one fell swoop.". They're playing an economic battle, rolling us up. "Administrative memorandum signed by Trump Bannon mentioned, this is called in to lay the foundation for the investigation of China trade practices, is only the first step of action.

in response to Bannon's remarks, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 17, stressed that the nature of Sino US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial and win-win. The trade war has no future, does not meet the interests of any party, and there is no winner in the trade war. The Russian satellite news agency quoted the Carnegie Moscow Center "in the Asia Pacific region of Russia" project director Gabe Jef, Sino US economic war exists only in Bannon mind, through the window you can see, what the most influential adviser to the president of the United States in. This is exaggerating the facts. Although competition between the two strongest economies is fierce, relations between China and the United States will not go beyond normal. Although the

statement Bannon was quite tough, but according to the "American outlook" report, euphemistically admitted Bannon dilemma in the interview. He said he met the U.S. government internal resistance in promoting trade with China hard line, he every day with the White House senior staff "struggle", including the Ministry of finance, and the White House economic adviser Gary Cohen.

Waxman of the U.S. News 16, commented that, from his current position since Bannon rarely interviewed by the media, this is perhaps the fear of Trump of President Bannon "disappointed. In fact, now in the White House is very careful bannon. Even he had managed the Bright Bart "news 16, admitted that Bannon speech to the Washington shocked, let Bannon colleagues are very uneasy. The "Axios" website, in his situation extremely fragile in the context of the speech to attack his Bannon shells opponents, they always thought that Bannon is the leaker, is in fact, is worthy of the name "Bannon president".

CNN (CNN), Bannon comment made him at the White House Office of the west faces an uncertain future. Two weeks ago, Anthony Skaramzyn, former White House communications chief, was expelled from New York for comment in a foul language interview. According to reports, the White House Office of the director of Kelly and several other senior officials had told Trump on the expression of Bannon discontent, and urged Trump to sack bannon. However, Trump 15, refused to give any definite answer about Bannon's future. Trump said, "I love Bannon, he is my friend. Of course, you know, he came to my team very late. He's a good guy. He's not a racist. We'll see where he's coming. "

soon in a popular speech widely spread in the media, Bannon to his colleague to clarify, he never accepted this reporter. The "Axios" website 16 reported that Bannon told aides, he appreciated Kuttner's position in the Chinese issue, so call talk related topics with him. But obviously, Bannon never thought that the reporter will put his criticism into a news report. But Kuttner said in the article, he would call him very surprised by the bannon. "The conversation did not ask whether it was recording. It is also very strange, because Bannon not Bambi, he is probably the best role throughout the United States face smart media. "

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