Trade war against China? The United States can not beat, more can not afford

The United States the economy the Chinese Ministry of Commerce the dollar

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Trump demonstrates his executive memorandum authorizing the investigation of China's trade practices.

this time, Sino US economic and trade cooperation "sometimes hot and sometimes cold": one side is the active implementation of the Sino US economic cooperation 100 day plan, established a comprehensive Sino US economic dialogue 4 high level dialogue mechanism; while the United States launched a trade investigation moves constantly, strong unilateralism of Chinese.

public opinion erupted on American time in August 14th. U.S. President Trump signed an administrative memorandum on the same day, authorized the U.S. trade representative to review the so-called "China Trade Act", including China's practice in the field of intellectual property rights, such as technology transfer. Some analysts said that the United States may launch a so-called "301 investigation" in China, which triggered all circles of unilateral action against the United States and damaged Sino US economic and trade relations.

cooperation between the two economic giants in the United States, in the wind and rain to adhere to the correct course?

"301 survey": inherent unilateralism color

, the U.S. trade in China survey, "301 articles" became keywords.

Chinese commerce department responsible person, "section 301" is the "1974 Trade Law" 301st to 310, generally speaking, the "301 terms" is the United States trade law relating to take unilateral action on foreign legislative or administrative violation of the agreement, damage the interests of the United States act authorized legislation clause.

"301 investigation" initiated, investigated, judged and executed by the United States itself, and has strong unilateralism color. "Because of this, the 301 survey" has been opposed by other countries since its publication, "said Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce of china. After the WTO was founded in 1995, the "301 survey" was basically shelved by the US government.

of the Pedersen Institute for International Economics senior researcher Chad Bowen analogy, in the "301 investigation", the United States government is not only the police (to determine whether the wrong foreign government), the prosecutor (lawsuit), and the jury (screening evidence), the judge (to decide whether to take retaliatory measures).

outside analysts believe that the United States launched China "301 investigation" wide attention, because of its subtext is that the United States to take unilateral initiatives strong color, may be regarded as "non Chinese trade fair" and "unreasonable", so as to implement the tax, import restrictions and unilateral trade sanctions on Chinese. In addition

may "301 investigation", the U.S. government has also recently launched a similar China investigation, including the U.S. Department of commerce is on steel and aluminum products imported is a threat to U.S. national security "232 investigation", and the United States International Trade Commission are for photovoltaic cells and modules to take urgent measures to restrict imports. "201 investigation".

analysts believe that the United States launched the investigation content or have the difference, but in common is obvious, has a strong color of unilateralism, and quotes are born in the cold war period, rarely used in the WTO after the establishment of the law. The government's massive revival of these dust laden legal instruments to deal with economic and trade issues is a real concern. Eric Schweizer, President of the German business conference in

, said that a trade war between the United States and China would lead to "lose more" and the German economy would suffer a negative impact.

in contrast, Sino US economic and trade relations, the Chinese side is positive, progress and effectiveness are obvious to all, and have been highly recognized by the international community. In recent years, China actively expand opening up, efforts to improve the business environment for foreign companies, repeatedly revised the "Catalogue" the guidance of foreign investment industries, the current restrictive measures only 63, than the 2011 version down 117, a decline of up to 65%. China has always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, continuously improved legislation, constantly strengthened administrative and judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and actively carried out international cooperation and exchanges in intellectual property rights.

"we hope that the United States trade representative should respect objective facts and act prudently.". "China's Ministry of Commerce spokesman said.

: the interests of the United States in the Sino US trade surplus in

has obvious benefit outside the voice that the U.S. government plans to implement the "301 investigation" of China, an important reason lies in the huge and sustained expansion of the US trade deficit with china.

data show that in 2016, Chinese statistics of beauty goods trade surplus of $254 billion, while the United States Statistics China deficit of $347 billion, the U.S. trade deficit with China accounted for the proportion of the total deficit of nearly 50%.

trade deficit, the United States really suffer a loss?

"trade deficit and interest deficit is different, in the Sino US economic and trade cooperation, the United States is benefiting, American consumers to enjoy the benefits of tangible. "Bai Ming said.

China's Ministry of Commerce issued the "Sino US economic and Trade Relations Research Report" shows that the global value chain, the trade surplus reflected in China, but the balance of interests in the United States, in general, mutual benefit and win-win situation. According to Chinese statistics, 59% of China's merchandise trade surplus comes from foreign-funded enterprises, and 61% of it comes from processing trade. China earns only a small amount of processing fees from processing trade, while the United States has made great profits in terms of design, supply of parts and components, marketing and so on. "There is a trade deficit between the United States and the more than 100 countries," says Stephen Hroch, a senior researcher at the Yale University in

. The US economy is dominated by services and low savings

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