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domestic 001A carrier

[global network reported on August 18th military Global Times special correspondent Yu dragon "China] a domestic carrier ship will be equipped with electromagnetic catapult? Will nuclear power be used? What kind of model is China's new carrier aircraft in the end? "In the development of China's aircraft carrier, the American media has been more worried than the Chinese fans."". The popular science and other websites 16 Daily reported that the latest intelligence shows that China has made significant progress in the key technology areas of aircraft carriers, and the next generation of domestic type 002 aircraft carriers will be launched in 2020 or so.

future Chinese carrier enable a number of new technology

the "popular science" reported that, although a few months ago, Chinese was widely publicized on the newly launched the first 001A aircraft carriers, but China Navy does not therefore feel satisfied, but actively carry out technical research and development, for the future of the second ship type 002 aircraft carriers do the technical reserves. The report lists the new technologies adopted by China's next generation aircraft carriers, which are summarized in various ways.

which made the most attractive catapult. China has been conducting a land-based simulated ejection test at a flight base near Liaoning, Xingcheng. Earlier this summer, China in public reports disclosed for the first time simulation of electromagnetic catapult and steam catapult annihilates -15T aircraft and catapult takeoff on land. Through extensive testing of simulation of F -15T fighter and catapults, the future aircraft pilot 002 aircraft and aircrew will be able to quickly adapt to the complex operation catapult.

new aircraft carrier will also use the next generation of domestic engines to provide new impetus. It may CGT-60F gas turbine equipment complete localization, which is determined by the gas turbine research center, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Dongfang Electric gas turbine combined design of electrical production, output power of 170-230 MW in between. This is China's fully self designed and developed large domestic gas turbine, the key performance indicators over the traditional large-scale steam turbine level. Chinese media have said that the CGT-60F gas turbine is China's domestic aircraft carrier and other large warships the best power option.

on the other hand, the radar system of the new carrier will also be replaced. A large land-based warship electromagnetic test simulation platform in Hubei, Wuhan (used as a land based electromagnetic test platform for the Chinese type 055 destroyer) is testing the radar and shipboard electronic communications systems of new aircraft carriers. Photo shows the new carrier ship island and China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, equipped with AESA improved active phased array radar, the main change is a radar installation than Liaoning ship, and seemed to belong to the type 001A carrier type 346X active phased array radar with the money, but a smaller area. The report also said that in addition to the installation of integrated to the mast of large radar system, the new aircraft will be equipped with a variety of active phased array radar for target location and fire control system, to provide data support for the chain of aircraft carriers and other naval missile launch aircraft carrier battle group, to further expand the scope of attack.

carrier based aircraft or upgraded

carrier based aircraft is the embodiment of the main combat capability of the aircraft carrier. Reported that the -15 fighter will still be the main fighter aircraft type 002 aircraft. "Popular science" disclosure, seen from the beginning of July 2017 unveiled a number of "new 111 fighters" -15 aircraft, the fuselage equipped with an air refueling pod, f -15 can further expand the range, increase the endurance time of flight existing aircraft carrier. In addition

, codenamed "falcon Eagle" fighter -31 stealth fighter is Chinese second stealth fighter, through the installation of folding wing and strengthened landing gear, with catapult takeoff on the carrier's potential. Currently, the second -31 prototypes were tested in July 25th and could become a new member of the 002 aircraft carrier.

U.S. NextBigFuture website 16 speculated that China is still producing third fighter -31 stealth aircraft prototype, or will become a carrier in China's future aircraft catapult takeoff off modified. Although the size is slightly smaller than the f -31 fighter -20 stealth fighter, but is improving stealth capabilities and avionics equipment level, the future mass production will change more turbofan engine, "-17" may have a non afterburning supersonic cruise capability. Reports speculated that the -31 fighter will become a rival Air Force for the US Navy's F-35C fighter.

reports have speculated that the 002 aircraft carrier may be using f -15 and -31 aircraft mix, both follow the China military equipment for the development of a "small run" mature rules and avoid technical risks span is too large, but also conducive to the Chinese naval aircraft stealth also exploring the accumulation of sea and air combat tactics, prevent opponents opened on behalf of the poor".

the future of domestic super carrier fighting stronger

NextBigFuture website, 001A China aircraft launched this year about 315 meters, a displacement of 50 thousand tons, in 2020 will be about sea trials and service. China's type 002 aircraft carrier will be launched in 2020, with a tonnage of 70 thousand tons, comparable to the size and technology of the new British aircraft carrier. The nuclear powered 003 super aircraft carrier will be launched in 2030 or so, with a displacement of about 90 thousand tons.

said the "popular science", China aircraft model military museum recently exhibited on the existing aircraft carrier catapult, and stealth fighters and stealth UAV, may show the Chinese technical features of future aircraft carriers. From this we can speculate on the technology of type 003 Chinese carriers

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