Every American is worth the most valuable Chinese people

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China the richest man in the chair often changed hands, always come and go, we are familiar with Wang Jianlin, Ma and Ma Huateng these commercial predators. However, in the eyes of the Americans, the 10 most valuable Chinese people, these few richest men did not even go in, who exactly is it? The chief designer of

Yang Wei

Pakistan jointly developed the fierce dragon fighter aircraft, the chief architect of the 20. He is the deputy director of the science and Technology Commission of the China Aviation Industry Corp and the chief designer and deputy director and Research Fellow of the Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute of China Aviation Industry Corporation.

Chinese Zhu Yingfu has long been engaged in large ship design, China is the first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship designer. The chief designer of


Shenzhou spacecraft, space technology experts. In 1976, he was transferred to China Institute of space technology, engaged in the development of satellites and spacecraft. He served as vice president and Dean of the Institute, and served as the chief designer of more than one satellite model and spacecraft.

Liu Baoyong

missile design experts, Dongfeng 31 intercontinental chief designer, academician of Academy of Sciences China, engaged in flight mechanics and ballistic missile design work. Study on Shenyang aircraft design Chinese aviation industry

sun Cong

chief architect, has served as the 15 fighter aircraft and other types of general designer, academician Chinese Academy of engineering.


China Electronic Technology Group Corporation chief scientist, chief designer of the 2000 AWACS air marshals machine. In 2010 won the national science and technology progress award special award.

Huang Xuhua

2013 Chinese moved ten annual figures, the chief designer of Chinese first generation nuclear attack submarine and strategic missile submarines, nuclear submarines, the father of Chinese.

"Song Wen Cong China touched one of the top ten people of 2009", is the chief designer of the famous Chinese f -10 fighter, known as the father of -10 Chinese "f".

Wu Ximing

helicopter design expert, has served as a straight 10, straight 19 key types of chief designer.

Chinese weapons chief expert Mao Ming, enjoy special government allowances, the Type 99 MBT three big change model designer.

, of course, there are numerous dedication in the front-line manufacturing skills experts and technical engineer, star and skilled artisans, they silently fighting in the front line, compared with the stars, movie stars, they are ordinary little people, however, is that these we do not call on the name, in the television media, see people do not see is the backbone of Chinese manufacturing industry, the backbone of the motherland.

with them, the motherland can be stronger.

there they are, and the motherland has a future.

they are the real stars of China and the wealth of our motherland.

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Every American is worth the most valuable Chinese people

Every American is worth the most valuable Chinese people

Every American is worth the most valuable Chinese people